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Episode 2: Beach Clean Up 🏖

Topic » Episode 2: Beach Clean Up 🏖..

224 days 10 hours ago
Thea, I’m sending some photos your way please do a lay out for
*The camera turns showing Harbinger entering the club*
Thea: *Over the head set* Why are you investigating Desmond Redfield again.

Kiana: *Is seen walking across the street* I’m doing a favor for someone, a little snooping around to get our little super business legitimized. Plus Desmond has his hands in a few jars so He is always a suspect

Thea: *Over the head set* Just know what you’re getting into with, I wish my dad knew that

Kiana: Then I ask you why you work for me then? I’m about two bottles of whiskey away from an over turn

Thea: Because I needed an internship and you’re working close to some politicians so why not. I can help and be behind the desk to help Noctis Investigations move forward. Speaking of which any sightings on the diamond at all yet

Kiana: No, I’ve gone through cameras from the museum. But I haven’t found much yet the Associate was working with a few other. Then there’s The Viper. *She looks up at the street cameras in the area* I’ll need to relook the street cameras because whoever it was must’ve done a perimeter for hitting the job.

Thea: Nikki, an old friend... but you mentioned the Associate but nothing about Desmond
*Typing is heard in the background as she speaks on the headset*

Kiana: You got it she was there, and that’s my next lead.  And the Associate is associated with Desmond. So if I can find a lead it may be here

~She glances back at the Club as people exit she lifts her camera taking pictures, Desmond would be seen entering his car and following out of the club would be Gizmo who is scurrying away from the scene~

Kiana: *Watches Gizmo and she is seen looking at him*
I think I got something I’ll be back at the office soon.

*She stops Seeing a Miss America poster, about her release and a street parade*

Fuck America..
224 days 10 hours ago
*Sits on the table and flips through the channels some playing the footage of her exiting the Museum and fleeing the scene*
Oh lord...
Chris: *Walks in and looks at her*
They are still playing it. Atleast you wore a mask.
Nikki: *Looks at him and rolls her eyes*
I already know what you’re thinking and I don’t need you to be condescending right now
Chris: *Laughs and looks at the cryo suit behind her*
No I wanted to see how that was coming along.
Nikki: *She looks at him*
It’s coming along fine it keeps the temperature cold as possible no matter the heat, if the person’s temperature is -32 the suit will retain and raise with it
*She smirks*
What can I say me and my reptilians friends are inventive
Chris: Ok good. Well we have the press for the Miss America Capsule opening.
Nikki: I can’t believe we are having this televised. She was the only capsule, not damaged aside from Nats and she has been asleep as twice as long and when she gets out she will see cameras.
Chris: Dr. Lavender said his predecessor would of have agreed with him on doing this because the lab will get a lot more funding and government funding at that...
Nikki: Because she is Miss America thats chipper, so they want a database on abilities, and will start funding this lab. What’s next they are going to start taking our research
Chris: I wouldn’t let that happen...
Nikki: I hope not Chris...
*She looks at a monitor on her watch*
We have guest and a woman to welcome back to the world let’s get going...
*Nikki walks out of the reptile lab and to the front doors of Lavendar Labs. She would bee see looking at a more vintage POD and two Suited Heroes standing next to it with a giant crowd blocked from approaching, Joan Moon and the media would stand front and center*

[Olympia/ PLASTIQUE]
*Stands at the side of the pod with an elegant pink, plastic made suit, wearing black Shades covering her face, she looks at the camera man and places her hands on her hip*
Give me my cue, and Alloy step back I got this
Alloy: *Looks at Plastique him, in a red metallic suit wearing a visor. He steps back and let’s her take* oh ok!
*He steps back*
Camera Man: WE are go live in 3,2,1 0
Plastique: *Flips her hair back*
Hello America, it’s me Plastique and my trusty sidekick Alloy
*The camera man goes to point the camera at alloy but Plastique steps in front of the camera*
On me please. We are here today for the unveiling of America’s first Hero. Miss America
*She smile and stands next to the pod*
Lab guy how do you work this
Chris: *Walks forward and begins typing on the Pod*
Plastique: *Turns to the Camera*
Here she comes, Miss America..
~Fog and smoke would be released from the pod as it opens~
Plastique: *Stands back watching and sees a Woman step forward*
~The Fog would settle and the crowd would see her Miss America, and they would chant louder than ever~
Miss America: *Glances around at the photos flashing and the crowd cheering and chanting her name*
Where’s the doctor..?
Plastique: Welcome back to America it’s the Year 2040
Miss America: *Would stand there and as she looks at the crowd she imagines explosion on the ground*
I can’t be here...
*She is seen jumping out over the crowd and away*
Nikki: *Looks at Chris and he nods her already knowing he needs to follow*
~Chris goes inside the lab and speeds out on the search~
Plastique: WELL that was Miss America, before we let you go Me and Alloy would like to announce our Clean the Beach RALLY tomorrow. Join us and help us save our planet and sea life. Remember together we can be the change
*She holds a peace sign*
Peace Bitches

~She walks out of the cameras view~

Did I kill that or what?

Camera Man: We are still filming

Plastique: *Jaw drops*
223 days 5 hours ago
*The Camera pans into the crowd*
[Otto/ Artic Fox]
Plastique is something..
*Walks through the Miss America, Parade*
But what a shame for Miss America to run off from her own parade like that.
Althea: *Looks at Otto and shrugs*
Well, I mean if you been asleep as long as she has Wouldnt you be to...I just try to stay in and mind my own businesss
*She leans in*
You know you could’ve gotten hurt.
Otto: I know I could’ chill I just wasn’t thinking I wanted to help some how.
Althea: So you go play hero and nearly burned to death.
Otto: *Turns and looks at her* Well not all of us are as luck as you are
Althea: Lucky? I’m just Althea, the sword does it work
Otto: *Looks at her and scoffs*, suprised you didn’t bring it with you
Althea: I wouldn’t be able to get through baggage check if I could. It’s fine though it will give me a break from worrying about being possessed
Otto: I’m telling you check out Lavendar Labs, the technician there is making me a suit with a reptile specialist so I don’t have to carry this around
*He takes a deep breath, frost looming in the air briefly as he look up at his Umbrella*
It probably get you out of her moms hair and away from the pottery barn.
Althea: *Looks at him then ahead at the closed streets with multiple booths open*

Otto: *Glances at her and then up at the lab*
I’m actually going to go check things out, we will talk soon Al!
*He scurries away and the camera zooms out on the Miss America Parade*
Today’s Episode:

Today: Miss America Parade, All Day, there are booths and opening. More so a character development day, interact hangout. May do some villainy

Tomorrow: Cleaning The Beach, a beach event will be hosted by Celebs Plastique and Alloy all day so you can head to the beach immediately, the main event for the episode will occur at the beach, at 3:30 PM PAC 6:30 PM EST  11:30 PM GMT
223 days 5 hours ago
~Posting May Begin At 3:00 PM PAC, 6 PM EST, 10/4/2020~
222 days 14 hours ago
*Walks through the lab and pulls her eye glasses down looking outside the Lab debating to walk the parade*
222 days 14 hours ago
(I assume we could start? :D)

Otto be making his way around the parade, twirling his umbrella in his hand.
222 days 14 hours ago
222 days 14 hours ago
( finishing up an essay rn but im around!)
*sterling is looking around the lab curiously*
222 days 13 hours ago
*Kiana stands in her darkroom, developing a few photographs for her case files. She lets out an exasperated sigh.*
^Parade shit today.. ^ *She taps her phone with her free hand, checking the time before hanging up several pictures to dry.*
This is gonna be annoying. *Kiana heads out of the darkroom and into her office, grabbing her bag off of her desk and out onto the street.*
222 days 13 hours ago
*Tati is with Chris*

I-I don’t know if I don’t know if I want powers
222 days 13 hours ago
Otto goes to a snow cone vendor, smiling. ^I could do better.^
222 days 13 hours ago
(Chris is occupied at the moment Aja following Miss America!)

Olympia: *Walks down the hall and looks at Sterling*
Do you want to hit that parade?
*She looks at her nails*
We could promote the beach cleanup tomorrow ya know Charity Work
222 days 13 hours ago
(Martin i would say he has had time to get adjusted as he probably breached through a year ago)
222 days 13 hours ago
Otto takes a snowcone, cuz why not, and eats it. He walks along the vendors, some people casting him weird glances for the umbrella, but he shrugs it off.
222 days 13 hours ago
(OK let me start over)

*leaves my house making his way to the parade*
222 days 13 hours ago
*sterling glances over and nods*
“Thats a good idea we can use as much help as we can for tomorrow.”

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