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Episode 4: It Rises

Topic » Episode 4: It Rises

1295 days 15 hours ago
Gets up and gets dressed, walks down the step looking around the condo-
^either my nephew is paying well or elliot is fuck rich^

-smh, walks to the balcony, open the glass door and that looks over the city view. Lets out a soft breath- wow..
1295 days 13 hours ago
1295 days 13 hours ago
Hello dan)
1295 days 12 hours ago
~Everyone would be seen in the lab talking about the Snow Fall Festival situation~

Fortune: *Would be seen walking in and she glances seeing Elliot and Violet*

You two won鈥檛 do anything you know we are all her for a bigger purpose

Violet: *Looks at Fortune* You Know...

Fortune: *Interrupts her* I know what the mob has kept in there basement a Breacher

Chris: Yea we knew that

Fortune: Not just a normal one he is a particular Breacher and he will try to claim this world for himself as he did the last world...

Ace: The last world....

Fortune: He can absorb abilities and use them as his own and he started with yours

*She glances at Ace*

Chris: Any weaknesses that you seen

Fortune: Not at all and he is blocking me right now I don鈥檛 know his movement...

~The Scene goes black~

*Weeks Later*

January 25th

~Viper Osiris Canary and the chameleon would be seen laid out on a slab of a destroyed building~

~Chris would be laying on his stomach mask cracked and all~

~Ace would be seen running and Breacher X would be seen following~

~Fortune would be seen beaten and battered running with Ewan a cop car would stop in front of them~

Officer: In now!

~The Scene goes black~

~Present Day~

Fortune: *Looks at the officer*

Thats how it happened...

*She looks down then back up*

He is here...

~To Be continued~
1295 days 9 hours ago

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