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SUPER (Apps still open)

Season 1, It was discovered that breaches were open at Lavendar Labs and All over Fencington City. Hitting people with Dark matter and changing there Genome tremendously. People from other breaches (realities) were dropped into our world with abilities. Thanks to this a high class Breacher known as Breacher X escaped and rampaged throughout Fencington City. With the Help and foresight of Fortune they were able to stop the attack of this Breacher and save the City.

Currently, the mob and other know. criminals are rising up as more people are discovering these abilities And learning to use them for there benefit. Doctor Lavendar has opened up testing for Meta Humans (humans with abilities) to be monitored to use there powers for good. This always isn’t the case. In Super the Quick RP we will attempt to explore the Super Stories of characters bringing Villains and other complications in this universe.

Veronica “Nikki” Tyler (Viper)-DVS194
Christopher Turner (Quickstep)- Rain848
Laura Pierce (Spectre)- Rain848
Thadious “Thad” Granville (Deceiver)- BIGDIZZLEYOMAMA
Gigi Sampson (Aquaria)-Chromatica
Faelyn "Fae" Ross (Fairy Dust)- Symmetry888
Natalie Ivanov (Torch)-Maya10
Otto VanRiper (ArticFox)- Tizian
Raven Clawthorne (Mysteria)-Nateclove
Desmond Redfield (Harbinger)- Scarlet
Kate Murphy (Overload)-Demgirl6
Althea Godchaux (Sabre)- Crocadilly
Valencia “Cici” Rios (Adoration)- DVS194
Theodora “Thea” Bray- RyanAndrews
Judy Washington (Miss America)- Mildsalsa
Kiana Peterson (Noctis)- Mitsuki
Nick Vincent (Elemental)-Hudspith
Sterling Branwell (Alloy)- Bigdizzleyomama
Olympia Fitzgerald (Plastique)
Roman Eros (Sigil)-Scarelet

Quick RP Ep:
Episode 1: Diamond Heist 💎 (9/20/2020)
Episode 2: Beach Clean Up 🏝 (10/04/2020)
Episode 3: Panic at The Disco 🕺🏼

Featured Players 16 playing

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Episode 3: Panic at the Disco 🕺🏼
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Super (Quick RP)
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Episode 2: Beach Clean Up 🏖
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186 days 10 hours ago
Episode 1: Diamond Heist 💎
859 postsCreated by Rain848 on 204 days ago
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Episode 4: It Rises
501 postsCreated by Rain848 on 1263 days 21 hours ago
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1261 days 1 hour ago

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SUPER (Apps still open)

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