Horror Story


   Season 1: Reunion

The class of 2007 at Wilson High School produced one of the closest groups of friends you could come across. The summer after graduation, they spent practically every day together before they all went their separate ways for college. A decade later, upon hearing news of their upcoming 10 year high school reunion, the group decides to get together and attend so they could reconnect and have fun like old times. Friends from all over the country gathered back into their hometown of Whittaker, Oregon to have an entertaining night. Little did they know, however, that it would be their last night for some of them.

As the night progresses, the group of friends find themselves stalked and picked off one by one at the hands of a sadistic murderer. Now, on a day that was supposed to be full of nostalgia and amusement, the group will have to fight for their survival. Who will fall victim to the serial killer, and who will survive the night?

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Gemma Rhodes — Awesome2210
Blake Rhodes — Rain848
Xander Brookman — Logie56
Dahlia "Lia" Castle — Dvs194
Ashley "Ash" Sanders — RyanAndrews
Minnie Withemere — iGoddess
Martin Hudspith — Hudspith
Grant Davis — Piddu
Callie Westbrook — Finnick
Nikki Palmer — Avatar20
Natalia Ivaskov — Maya10
Jay Sanders — Bigdizzleyomama
Curtis Meyers — Awesome2210
Cody Mott — Imprincearthur
Jenny Asher — Rain848
Valerie Carlson — Mitsuki †
Nadia Smirnov — KingGeek
Ryder May — Benner_2304 †
Ruth Bailey — JourdanBabyXoXo †
Brenda Anderson — JosephinaAlexis †
Heather Weathers — Mildsalsa †

« E P I S O D E S »

† Part 1 - Monday, Nov. 6th
† Part 2 - Wednesday, Nov. 8th
† Part 3 - Monday, Nov. 13th
† Part 4 - Wednesday, Nov. 15th

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934 days 7 hours ago

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