BENLINUS' Survivor - Raja Ampat (Oct.18)


** Raja Ampat coming October 2018 **

We are flying over the crystal clear waters of Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat, where these eighteen brand new castaways are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime. The islands and waters below are home to thousands of diverse species; some harmless and fearful, others vicious and deadly. The fight for survival is constant, with each species taking on is own unique methods to stay alive. The castaways themselves will emulate this battle, undergoing their own personal strategies to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition. Regardless of different strategies, all eighteen must learn to adapt or they'll be voted out of the tribe. In the end only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize. Thirty-nine days! Eighteen people! One Survivor!

• Winner of 5 TOGA Awards
• Voted 4th best Tengaged group (2012/2013)
• Voted overall best Survivor group (2012/2013)
• Voted best Survivor host - 2012/2013 ("The Survivor")

Game History:

• Survivor: Malaysia
- Sole Survivor: Survivorgame1
- Runner Up: Subfriend

• Survivor: Ecuador
- Sole Survivor: Bad18life
- Runner Up: Kekgeek

• Survivor: The Gambia
- Sole Survivor: 77sparks77
- Runner Up: Eoin

• Survivor: Trinidad
- Sole Survivor: Gaiaphagee
- Runner Up: Zed55

• Survivor: Arabia
- Sole Survivor: CurleyLee92
- Runner Up: Timtimeytim

• Survivor: Santa Carolina - All Stars
- Sole Survivor: OldNewz
- Runner Up: BeastBoy

• Survivor: Vietnam
- Sole Survivor: XimenaRodriguez
- Runner Up: Hudspith

• Survivor: Tonga
- Sole Survivor: Poke_Master_Link
- Runner Up: SurvivorFan001

• Survivor: Solomon Islands
- Sole Survivor: Lemjam6
- Runners Up: Patrick319 & Mysterygame2

• Survivor: Hong Kong
- Sole Survivor: xRain_Shooter
- Runner Up: IRandomal123

• Survivor: Belize
- Sole Survivor: Bigben1996
- Runner Up: LockerAmi

• Survivor: Melanesia - Fans vs. Favorites
- Sole Survivor: Robulusjgreisonne
- Runner Up: TheSexiestDude

• Survivor: Nigeria
- Sole Survivor: SaneBrock
- Runner Up: LaFierceBrittany2


Batanta Tribe (Yellow Buffs):
Coming Soon

Salawati Tribe (Red Buffs):
Coming Soon


Season Ranking:

* I do not have a viewers lounge, I find them unusual and see no benefit to them, only a means of people cheating in the game *

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BENLINUS' Survivor - Raja Ampat (Oct.18)

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