BENLINUS' Survivor - Raja Ampat (Never)


** Raja Ampat will probably never happen cri **

We are headed through the thick jungles of the Cross River National Park in southern Nigeria, where these sixteen castaways are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Among the sixteen are three returning players, all who left the game in a unique way during their first time playing. They've all agreed to be abandoned in one of the most stunning places on the planet, coming face to face with life in its natural form. For the first time ever the group will be broken into four tribes, giving them less hiding room so early on in the game. As the game continues to evolve around them, it will prove to be one of the toughest seasons yet. As always these players must learn to adapt, or they'll be voted out of the tribe. In the end only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize. Thirty-nine days! Sixteen people! One Survivor!

• Winner of 5 TOGA Awards
• Voted 4th best Tengaged group (2012/2013)
• Voted overall best Survivor group (2012/2013)
• Voted best Survivor host - 2012/2013 ("The Survivor")

Game History:

• Survivor: Malaysia
- Sole Survivor: Survivorgame1
- Runner Up: Subfriend

• Survivor: Ecuador
- Sole Survivor: Bad18life
- Runner Up: Kekgeek

• Survivor: The Gambia
- Sole Survivor: 77sparks77
- Runner Up: Eoin

• Survivor: Trinidad
- Sole Survivor: Gaiaphagee
- Runner Up: Zed55

• Survivor: Arabia
- Sole Survivor: CurleyLee92
- Runner Up: Timtimeytim

• Survivor: Santa Carolina - All Stars
- Sole Survivor: OldNewz
- Runner Up: BeastBoy

• Survivor: Vietnam
- Sole Survivor: XimenaRodriguez
- Runner Up: Hudspith

• Survivor: Tonga
- Sole Survivor: Poke_Master_Link
- Runner Up: SurvivorFan001

• Survivor: Solomon Islands
- Sole Survivor: Lemjam6
- Runners Up: Patrick319 & Mysterygame2

• Survivor: Hong Kong
- Sole Survivor: xRain_Shooter
- Runner Up: IRandomal123

• Survivor: Belize
- Sole Survivor: Bigben1996
- Runner Up: LockerAmi

• Survivor: Melanesia - Fans vs. Favorites
- Sole Survivor: Robulusjgreisonne
- Runner Up: TheSexiestDude

• Survivor: Nigeria
- Sole Survivor: SaneBrock
- Runner Up: LaFierceBrittany2


16th: Pratty437 {Kanuri} 1st Voted Out ~ 3-1
15th: Stilts12 {Igbo} 2nd Voted Out ~ 3-1
14th: Yinzer149 {Kanuri} 3rd Voted Out ~ 3-0
13th: Adelelover {Igbo/Igbo} 4th Voted Out ~ 2-2 / 1-1 / Eliminated
12th: Possiblythis {Fulani/Fulani/Igbo} 5th Voted Out ~ 3-1
11th: Krrais {Fulani/Fulani/Yoruba/Igbo} 6th Voted Out - 1st Jury Member ~ 2-1
10th: BradySpaulding16 {Yoruba/Yoruba/Yoruba/Yoruba/Hausa} 7th Voted Out - 2nd Jury Member ~ 5-4-1
9th: LiukBB {Yoruba/Yoruba/Yoruba/Yoruba/Hausa} 8th Voted Out - 3rd Jury Member ~ 5-3-1
8th: Joshchoirny16 {Yoruba/Yoruba/Igbo/Yoruba/Hausa} 9th Voted Out - 4th Jury Member ~ 5-3
7th: Joshbb17 {Igbo/Igbo/Igbo/Fulani/Hausa} 10th Voted Out - 5th Jury Member ~ 2-1-0
6th: LissyLion15 {Yoruba/Yoruba/Fulani/Igbo/Hausa} 11th Voted Out - 6th Jury Member ~ 3-3 / 2-2 / Eliminated
5th: Lionsden121 {Kanuri/Yoruba/Fulani/Yoruba/Hausa} 12th Voted Out - 7th Jury Member ~ 3-1-1
4th: Frozen {Igbo/Igbo/Igbo/Igbo/Hausa} 13th Voted Out - 8th Jury Member ~ 2-2 / Eliminated
3rd: Sochi {Fulani/Fulani/Fulani/Fulani/Hausa} ~ Received 0 Jury Votes
Runner-Up: LaFierceBrittany2 {Fulani/Fulani/Yoruba/Fulani/Hausa} ~ Received 3 Jury Votes
Sole Survivor: SaneBrock {Kanuri/Igbo/Fulani/Fulani/Hausa} ~ Received 4 Jury Votes

Hausa Idol Chart:
Chart Empty

Wiki: (under construction)

* I do not have a viewers lounge, I find them unusual and see no benefit to them, only a means of people cheating in the game *

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BENLINUS' Survivor - Raja Ampat (Never)

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