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Tengaged (Karaoke) Idol (... 15?)

Apps will open (silently for now)... blogs and mailers are going to be sent out on Aug 17th with more details about the upcoming season

This competition is similar to American Idol except tengagers will actually be singing and competing to be Tengaged's favorite singer and the winner of Tengaged's Idol.

In this competition, there will be different themes each round, and contestants will sing a song they feel fits that theme and then will upload their song to Singsnap ( ), Karaoke Channel ( ) Red Karaoke ( ), Karaoke Party ( ) Youtube ( ), or any other Karaoke website. The rules about uploading is that you can't edit your audio and you have to record it on one take (aka you can't combine two recordings because you liked the beginning of one and the end of another). You can upload them to any file sharing site you want as long as everyone can access the song ex. 4shared ( ) or soundcloud ( ). Then, the judges will rank the contestants from best to worst, and the bottom contestants will face an elimination poll where tengaged will decide who should be eliminated.  This process will continue until we are down to our final 2, and then Tengaged will vote for their winner.

Season 15: (Based on) The Voice

Season 1 - Emmaleigh
Season 2 - ZakAustin
Season 3 - FlameonX
Season 4 - Wonderland
Season 5 - GurlBai
All Stars - TolisKalkas
Season 6 - KellyT210
Season 7 - Ipswich19
Season 8 - Weetmaster
Season 9 - DenikkiChrissyRam
Season 10 - Jaylen23
Season 11 - SparkleSara
Season 12 - Mat123
Season 13 - PureEssence
Season 14 - AmericanIdolFan

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Tengaged (Karaoke) Idol (... 15?)

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