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I made finals UNNOMMED!
I had a huge target on my back and also had people in this game that dont like me,so I defintly worked hard to get here!
Played a very social game,nommed smart,played smart,and that led me here!
PLEASE vote for me! <3333




My THIRD finals. Its obvious that I know how to play this game as I've proven myself countless times. I controlled most of the noms this game and played everyone while keeping my closest friend safe. GL guys it was a great game :)



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I was nommed 4 times and this came was out of control this was my first stars so i had no idea wat to exspect i really want to play again i had such a target on my back sence day 1 i got atleast 2 noms everytime so i am shocked to be here plz vote for me 2



  1. M2thamaxomg wow! thank you everyone who voted for me! You are all amazing! Mike and Bamold and chill,love you all too! <33333
  2. JesseMOk closing the poll with 124 votes, and the winner is...
  3. Jirachi8 more minutes :3
  4. M2thamaxGoodluck! <3333
  5. MTmangood luck guys!
  6. Jirachiomg more minutes to go!
  7. turney1805max :)
  8. ChipotleDudeMike! :)
  9. M2thamaxThank you so much to all votes so far! It makes me really happy and loved! Thank you! And goodluck Mike and Bamold! <3333
  10. MilkisgoodM2thamax went unnommed :L
  11. Rebelman2227mtman :D
  12. MHensM2thamax :)
  13. avatar3939m2
  14. DarkTyphoon23Mike!
  15. mikec51Mtman :)
  16. Maxi1234Bam
  17. smith1986Voted for M2thamax
  18. gagaluvm2
  19. AxKxAxBatmandeff not voting for bamold so ill vote for m2 :P
  20. Alex_DuBoism2
  21. NunleyMTman :D
  22. xxJaymvoted!! :)
  23. SSHGmax
  24. Anasdone, gl everyone< 3
  25. violetciam2thamax:)
  26. aaronstevens4444Max
  27. zabbiemax
  28. Squirrels1666My buddy max :-)
  29. JesseM11 hours to go until the poll closes and 61 votes so far :)
  30. BBlover96max
  31. sdriver999Max
  32. brosky17M2!
  33. Jenna2010Max...
  34. dmannvoting M2ThaMax since he went unommed and has less gifts (:
  35. Boots22bam
  36. tharealmikeMax <333
  37. LindsayPMax <333
  38. Jouixbam
  39. ElleSeymourM2, I voted for u
  40. LamiaI love you all but max asked me first =) gl :*
  41. steveguym2thamax for the win
  42. M2thamaxlol.I didnt evict you Frankie! <333 you still! <333
  43. PopeyeAs fake as max can be in survivor I will vote for him to win because I do not like Bamold
  44. Matthew09I love M2 and MT hard vote!! LOVE YOU BOTH!! GRATS.
  45. Jirachiall 3 people are very wow! idk!! DX
  46. SSDZM2thamax
  48. iMiracleM2themax <3
  49. GhoulI like Max but Mike is my best friend so I have to vote for his douchey ass
  50. JirachiIDK who to vote for!
  51. Chlltownofcoursefirst person to give me a shoutout gets my vote
  52. JesseMPoll lasts for 24 hours :P

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