The 2009 Puma Awards

2009 has come to an end, and what better than an unconventional wrap-up of the people, places, and drama that made Tengaged so dynamic during this past year?  The Puma Awards recognize Tengaged players on aspects that most award shows wouldn't even consider.

Everyone knows the best Survivors, or Stars players, or alliances...  most of the time you just need to look in the hall of fame.  Instead, the Puma Awards step further into the actual players themselves.  We all live beyond just our avatars!  We are real, so we need REAL awards!

The nominees for each award have been chosen!  The polls are all up, so vote for who you think should win!

2009 Puma Awards

Sexy Categories:
"Cutest Cam Lover" Award
"Sexiest Accent" Award
"Hottest Male Tengager" Award
"Hottest Female Tengager" Award
"I Would Jump Your Bones PRONTO" Award

Personality Categories:
"Best Drunk" Award
"Funniest Troll" Award
"I Would Trust With My Password" Award
"Most Likely Being Nice Right Now" Award
"Most Likely Being Mean Right Now" Award
"Most Likely Being Slutty Right Now" Award

BEWARE! Categories:
"Biggest Pedophile" Award
"Most I-Could-be-a-Serial-Killer-esque Voice" Award
"Cold Heart" Award
"Biggest Skype Stalker" Award
"Epic Fail" Award
"Biggest Attention Whore" Award

Stereotype Categories:
"Most Stereotypically Gay" Award
"Most Stereotypically Asian" Award
"Most Stereotypically Jewish" Award
"Most Stereotypically White" Award
"Most Stereotypically Black" Award

These awards are all in good fun!  If you are nominated for an award and are GENUINELY offended by it, I will remove you from the poll and you will not have to worry about it anymore.  Hopefully that isn't the case, though, and you can just have fun with it :D

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28 postsCreated by comprisedpuma on 3701 days 6 hours ago
Last post by andychuck08
2122 days 19 hours ago

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  1. The "Cutest Cammer" Award3697 days 10 hours ago
  2. The "Sexiest Accent" Award3697 days 10 hours ago
  3. The "Hottest Male" Award3697 days 10 hours ago
  4. The "Hottest Female" Award3697 days 10 hours ago
  5. The "I Wanna Jump Your Bones PRONTO" Award3697 days 10 hours ago

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The 2009 Puma Awards

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