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Laurafan's 2nd Annual Hunger Games

As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each of the twelve district's are selected by a reaping to participate in the Annual Hunger Games, an event in which the participants or "tributes" must fight to the death, until only one is  left standing.

1st Annual Hunger Games: Victor: Tuninho from District 1

2nd Annual Hunger Games:

District 1 Tributes:

Boy- Damien (rockstar15) (16 HP)

District 6 Tributes:

Boy- Jeff (imprincearthur)(16 HP)

May the odds be ever in you're favor.


24th: Alisha District 12, killed by Damien
23rd: Sparkalicious District 9, killed by Jimothy
22nd: Spark District 5, killed by Robby
21st: Monty District 11, killed by Louise
20th: Niall District 5, killed by Brody
19th: Paige District 2, killed by Jamie
18th: Tyler District 12, killed by Louise
17th: Brandon District 7, killed by Damien
16th: Michael District 8, killed by Damien
15th: Louise District 1, killed by Damien
*Day 2*
14th: Dakota District 10, killed by Glacier
13th: Jamie District 6, killed by Brody
12th: Reilly District 8, killed by Jeff
11th: Jon District 3, killed by Jimothy
10th: Brendan District 11, killed by Robby
9th: LaQwanda District 3, killed by Glacier
*Day 3*
8th: Thyle District 7, killed by Brody
7th: Darius District 9, killed by Robby
*Day 4*
6th: Brody District 10, killed by Jeff
*Day 5*
5th: Robby District 2, killed by Glacier
4th: Jimothy District 4, killed by Jeff
*Day 6*
3rd: Glacier District 4, killed by Damien
2nd: Damien District 1, killed by Jeff
Victor: Jeff District 6

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Laurafan's 2nd Annual Hunger Games

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