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Fourth Chavllenge: Out-chavving each other.

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5360 days 4 hours ago
Why is this chavvy?

Because chavs are cowards. They taunt you and want to look all big, but the ones that actually go too far get caught by the cops. You want to be the one that get away with pretending to be bad, but without getting caught. It's a game of chicken.
5360 days 2 hours ago
makes sense to me.
5359 days 19 hours ago

Kaffreya bids 10. TheGreatXL bids 1.

As XL was a proper chav coward, he gets to steal Kaffreya's 10 points.
New totals: Kaffreya 20. TheGreatXL 40.

BlueStar bids 5. chrissyhill01 bids 6.

BlueStar steals chrissyhill's 6 pts.
New totals: BlueStar 51. chrissyhill01 28

Team A bid a total of 22 points.

oleary91 bids 16. cheznahuf bids 4.

cheznahuf gets oleary91's points. ROFL. loser.
New totals: oleary91 13. cheznahuf 53.

loosens bids 9. JJJJ did not submit and therefore bids 10.

loosens gains JJJJ's 10 points.
New totals: loosens 43. JJJJ 30.
5359 days 19 hours ago
Team B bid a total of 29 points (JJJJ is a not a true submission).
5359 days 19 hours ago
Remember, the team that bids the fewest points OVERALL will face deliberation. However, the person that has the fewest points overall will automatically be eliminated. So at the moment, the person most at risk is oleary91.

There is only one more round of bidding. determined the next match-ups within your foursomes.

TheGreatXL vs. BlueStar
chrissyhill01 vs. Kaffreya

loosens vs. oleary91
cheznahuf vs. JJJJ

Please PM me your next bids ASAP. Deadline is 24 hours from this post, at 10 pm EST, 3 am GMT.
5359 days 8 hours ago
lmao..16  :(
5358 days 17 hours ago

TheGreatXL bids a whopping 19!!! But BlueStar bids a whopping 20!!!! TheGreatXL steals BlueStar's 20.

New Totals: TheGreatXL 60. BlueStar 31.

chrissyhill01 bids 10, whereas Kaffreya bids 5. Kaffreya takes chrissyhill01's 10.

New Totals: chrissyhill01 18. Kaffreya 30.

Team A just bid 54 points in the second round...that will be totalled with first round.

cheznahuf bids a chavvy 9. JJJJ bids 4. JJJJ steals chez's 9 pts.

New Totals: cheznahuf 44. JJJJ 39.

oleary91 bids a tiny 4. loosens bid 17. oleary91 steals loosens' 17!

New Totals: oleary91 30. loosens 26.

Team B bid a total of 34 in the second round.
5358 days 17 hours ago
Out of the new totals, chrissyhill01 has the fewest points total. I regretfully have to eradicate chrissyhill01 from this competition :( You are not the chav for me.

Here are the grand totals:

Team A - 76 points.
Team B - 73 points.

As Team B bid fewer points overall - they will be on the list for eradication.

Team A is all safe for now.
5358 days 13 hours ago
wooo team A :( but noooooo chrissu
5358 days 6 hours ago
Chrissy!!! :(

But good job team A.

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