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Third deliberation

Topic » Third deliberation

5362 days 3 hours ago
Here chrissyhill01, oleary91, Genevere, TheGreatXL and Alex1991 can post their pleas to me and their fellow players to be saved. The player vote will close at 2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT on Tuesday or sutton like that. I will then take your please carefully and eradicate three of you later that night. So please get in your speeches ASAP.
5362 days 2 hours ago
My plea is that I could treat Pablito in ways no one else could imagine. I deserve to continue here and spread my chavvy love to him. :(
5362 days 2 hours ago
I was ill, my chavness was not to the full potential :(
5362 days 1 hour ago
Please keep me! ;( People think I just copied that song off The Plain White T's, but really they copied it off me! :@ Save me..I can be a good chav to pabs :(
5362 days ago
Oi Pabs me chav.. ye wnt 2 kp me round.. I ave 3 kids n now a 4th on d way. please ave me 5th? I gathered me poem 2 u from all ova the place, it was strait from d heart. PLZZZZ keep me!!!!!
5361 days 3 hours ago
With 4 out of 9 votes, oleary91 has been saved.

Therefore, I must choose between Alex1991, TheGreatXL, chrissyhill01 and Genevere.

I will eliminate one of you now and decide on the other two later.

I'm sorry Alex1991. You've been eliminated.

TheGreatXL, chrissyhill01 and Genevere - last chance.
5360 days 23 hours ago
The suspence is killing me.. :S
5360 days 23 hours ago
I have made a decision. And it's not the one I thought I would make.
5360 days 23 hours ago
The next elimination was very difficult. Originally when I came up with the idea of this group game came up, it was to fix a competition so that Genevere could win and then I could ask the public if Genevere and I should hook up or something.

But then she told me that she was coming near my home so that she could let me rape her. But Genevere has peformed subpar in all of the challenges and really doesn't make time for me. So I can't make time for her anymore.

Genevere, all you had to do was be sufficient, but you couldn't do that, so I have to eradicate you. Now that the whole original purpose of the game has been eliminated, it's an open game!

But to be honest, once I saw the sign-ups and came up with good challenges and a good theme, I dropped the pretense of rigging it for Ginny. I've been waiting to eliminate Ginny since second challenge.
5360 days 23 hours ago
TheGreatXL and chrissyhill01. Both of you have put lots of effort into this game. So this made the decision very difficult. It makes me sad to get rid of one of you.


Both of you will stay. I'm interested in how both of you will do in the next chavllenge - since it requires no judging at all.

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