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Intermission of Chavs

Topic » Intermission of Chavs

5362 days 15 hours ago
Well while the judging is going on, let's look at some chav x-factor performances:

Ready for some Triple Trouble?

5362 days 15 hours ago
Not all chavs are bad though.

Here's Combined Effort! Prepare to wipe your eyes with your burberry sleeves:

Then get more tissues so you can get ready to clean up your bodily fluids after listening to me sing the same song:
5362 days 13 hours ago
LOL love it!!
5362 days 6 hours ago
well that was a fantastic intermission! I did however forget my tissue... I must now go and clean up.. bodily fluids are all over me :o
5360 days 5 hours ago
Here's some chav.

5360 days 4 hours ago
Oh I loved this Episode! I do not even have to watch it to remember!! HAHAHA
5358 days 2 hours ago
Since someone talked about my being a baby-daddy. I thought I would provide you this little tidbit from the past:

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