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Second deliberation

Topic » Second deliberation

5367 days 12 hours ago
Please post a speech to me and your fellow players. This will be used by the players to determine who they want to save. It is also your last chance to address me before I have to make my decision on who to eliminate.
5367 days 3 hours ago
Yo pabs! There's only room fo one boo in yo lyf. Dump dat kyky and save my sweet paki azz. If you don', you fuckin racist innit. Jus cuz I pray to da eest five times a day and surch fo a ghostly boo of ma own, don' me I aint the chav fo you. Boy, lemme tell yo somfin, keep me in dis game an I sure will please yo min, bodddy, and sole. Nartamean?
An to all dos otha chavs votin my azz out, I got a few words fo you, but I don know too much as I been outta school since year 8, take piddy on a chav and lemme fin da one to help me raze me 4 kidz.
5366 days 6 hours ago
Both Genevere and cheznahuf received the most votes to save. Both have been saved from elimination - since it means I still get to choose to save someone.

Haskova, Kaffreya, kirkitude and joeyjones: Three of you will be eliminated later. Please give me your final speech here.
5366 days 4 hours ago
I'm sorry for failing to complete the challenge D:
I deserve to go so feel free to evict me! :D
Sorry Chavlito :P
5366 days 4 hours ago
oh shit yo
5366 days 4 hours ago
Ok. let's make it easy. joeyjones, you're the first elimination. bye. go get eradicated :U

Two more out of kirkitude, kaffreya and haskova will be eliminated.
5366 days 3 hours ago
Be giving and eradicate none?
5365 days ago
I don't really know what to say.  I want to be in this competition and I want to fight.  My transformation into becoming a Chav has been quite bumpy over the last 2 challenges but I think I am finally getting the hang of it all.  I know I can mold myself into the being the person you want to live your CHAV life with it.  Just give me another chance and I know I can show you and the rest of the people in this game that I am a forced to be reckoned with.  If you do decide to let me stay I promise that I won't let you down.. but if you do in fact decide to eliminate me from the game you better bring security up in this bitch because I ain't leaving until a little fucking blood is shed up in this place.  Pablito the first time I saw you, you stole my heart.. you really don't want me to go psycho and start slicing bitches the fuck up do you?
Much love, Luz Chavita.
5364 days 23 hours ago
Well based on the fact that kaffreya is the only one in this game that has moaned over me, he stays.

Sorry loves, but kirkitude and haskova have become eradicated chavs.

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