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The Yoshitourage

Previously the Anti-Alliance Alliance, but oh well! :P

Pick a Yoshi! <3

Yoshitomi: The Gangsta Yoshi (The Black One)
RiDsTeR: The Token Yoshi (The Blue One)
JohnLuke: Orange Yoshi
BlackWidow: The Asian Yoshi (The Red One)
David: The Albino Yoshi
Qwert2: The Clumsy Yoshi (Light Blue one)
Danny7: The Yellow Yoshi
Crazy342: The Brown Tail-Biting Yoshi
Kirby: The Pink Dipsy Yoshi [;)]
Smi9127: The Assistant Yoshi (Dark Blue One)
Jodiexx: The Fabulicious Yoshi (Purple)
Crazyj11: The Scrabble-Playing Orange Yoshi
Yswimmer96: The Orange Spunky Sexy Funkalicious Zebra Taming Yoshi
Tommyboy500: The Whitesh Yoshi
Mosher24: The Other Dark Blue Yoshi (:P)
Ryrycoolguy7: The Cool Yoshi
AlohaLani: YolohaShani Yoshi
RealityShowFanIsback: Pink Mohawk Yoshi (lol)

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512 says ago
3 postsCreated by smi9127 on 4022 days 17 hours ago
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2210 days 6 hours ago
4 postsCreated by Yoshitomi on 4337 days 14 hours ago
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4337 days 13 hours ago
When was this group made?!
3 postsCreated by AlohaLani on 4499 days 10 hours ago
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4474 days 8 hours ago
I want to be...
2 postsCreated by Ezthorn1 on 4496 days 6 hours ago
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4494 days 15 hours ago
Youe a multi
5 postsCreated by kirby on 4519 days 17 hours ago
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4504 days 10 hours ago

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The Yoshitourage

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