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Topic » SEASON 1.5 FINALE PT. 2

2517 days ago
Hello my final 3 right now the #Public is vocalizing their support for you guys! But now comes the time for the real challenge.

As you all know every season there is a song by Rupaul that is used at the end, but unfortunately this season has no song yet. This is where you guys come in to the mix your job is to choose your own song by Rupaul that represents you as a queen, now remember to take this somewhat seriously (AKA PICK PEANUT BUTTER AND ENJOY 3RD).

Also no two people can have the same song so as soon as you see this I would recommend that you comment immediately what song you want to do to claim it as your own. Along with the song you chose (please provide a youtube video if you can, if you can't uhhh idk but pls try) I need a final runway that represents your lipsync for the song (This is the FINAL look the judges will see remember that) ALSO I want a speech from each of you on why you think you deserve to be the next drag superstar.

Good luck my queens and don't f*ck it up! 

DUE DATE: April 20th at 11:59 PM
2515 days 23 hours ago
Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous
"How do I look?" In this competition, I've constantly tried to give you look (minus Snatch Game and even then I created the clothing for that.) I love how you can transform yourself into so many different versions of yourself. And you can feel beautiful in any and all of them.

Reflecting this (pun intended), I decided to create a dress out of mirrors, so you can get my style and my attitude from multiple angles. I don't think my fashion has ever been critically attacked on the main stage (besides maybe my vintage look, and even then I was safe for it.) If I stumbled, it was because I didn't fit a theme, not because I looked unpolished. I put serious time and effort into my challenges and I think I did a good job of showing myself as a frontrunner and as a deserving queen. I look good, and I feel gorgeous.
2515 days 22 hours ago
Destiny Is Mine [My Roots Grew in]

Destiny Is Mine - I am here to win. I am here to thrive. I am here to be the next drag superstar. I will let crown take me where I need to be. Star - that is what I'll be - magazine covers and TV Shows wont be able to stop TALKING about me. Inspirational - that is what I'll be - People always asking the questions "How did you do it?" and "Is this the best moment of your life?". I'm interesting, serving you campy high fashion. I have stumbled a lot on my path but I was creative, you cannot deny it. I've always served me with a side of large fries and a diet coke. I have defied the odds and shocked many with my abilities. I was the underdog, People were counting me out since SNATCH game. I served it again and again. I've been a subject of discussion. I know for sure that my Destiny IS to be Tengaged's First (and a half) Next Drag Superstar - While the queens next to me have DOUBTED themselves or they have just been FLAT.  Walking away from the crown shows that You truly can recognize mistakes and prospect as traits of an everyday girl, who is your winner here. Big Mac Kenzii - Take a bite; you won't be disappointed. Order up!

Final Runway: [Platinum Gem]
(I want two looks so ill give you that idc if you even acknowledge this)
2515 days ago
(Here It Comes) Around Again

Unlike some people, I'm not gonna go on about how great I am and give a somewhat conceited speech on why I'm the best. First, I'll explain my song choice. Those who have spoken to me personally and not in a group chat (or even those who speak to me in group chats idk) may know that I'm bipolar and usually like coming off real depressed and have times where I'm just depressed and kinda giving up on everything
SO I chose this song because I feel like it epitomizes the "it gets better" saying, because I feel like it's a large part of what got me to the final 3.

But of course I couldn't have gotten here without my own talent (yes art and sterling I said TALENT) and ability to push myself to give what I feel like is the best I can. I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I was always one of the last (if not the last) person to submit in challenges. Whether it be a result of me spending time thinking/planning what I was gonna do, or having a meltdown because I had no idea what to do, it all still came back to me wanting to do well in this and although I may not have always gotten positive feedback (see superhero challenge/golden tucks), I was always proud of what I put out because I know that it's something that I spent time on and it was always something that I think showed who I am as a person and performer. Sure I'm usually terrible at making avatars, but that doesn't mean I just picked out the first designs I could find and use my inability to make them as well as others as my excuse. I took time to make them, and even if they weren't always the best, they were what I made and for that I'm proud of them.

I always recognized the judges critiques and took them to heart and made sure to incorporate the advice into my future submissions. Even when I was being told by others that I didn't belong here in the final 3 or that I wasn't deserving of my place, I always stood up for myself because I know that I worked harder than anyone to get here. I know I'll continue to get negative critique after this is done from others about how I don't deserve to be here, but all I can say is that I'm here and I know that not only does Brandon stand by me, but the Branden behind The Appetizer is more than satisfied with what I've put out and how I managed to get here. The only thing that would make me happier would be if I was named the winner, because I know I worked for it and I deserve it.


Showing that I can come around from even my darkest moments, I'm proving for a final time that I'm different from everyone else and that being yourself even when people try to bring you down is what matters.

"And so we fall before we stand. The strong give in but never surrender
We cry so hard until we laugh, and try to love again"

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