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Challenge 9- Seasoned Queens

Topic » Challenge 9- Seasoned Queens

2520 days 4 hours ago
Top 4! You are all so close to the title of tengaged's next drag superstar.

For this next challenge you were each assigned a season of the year by your drag sistah Big Mac-Kenzii

Winter - Big Mac-Kenzii
Summer - Pamma Granite
Spring - The Appetizer
Fall - Trigger Warning

This week you queens must submit THREE looks based on your season of the year.

Executive Realness
Party Girl
Fashion week couture

(Remember in these ball challenges the most important look to fit with your concept is the final one)

Along with 3 looks I want each of you to tell me who doesn't deserve to be in the final 3 and why.

Privately I need a lipsync avatar to the following song:

DEADLINE: April 15th at 11:59 PM  EST (you have a long time to get lots of shit done not so you can wait for the final day to start lmao)
2514 days 5 hours ago
~ Executive Realness ~ Kris Jenner Realness. Aged and Well, #FeelinShady ATTENTION...YOU BETTA WORK!

~ Party Girl ~ Serving Pink Christmas/NewYears Realness. Yes, GAWDy is the way to go. #SipOnIt

~Fashion Week ~ Ice Queen. #FreezerBURNT - Stare you DOWN, Cape flowin', Lips Sparklin' - I KNOW y'all are living. YES GAWDT


As for who should leave: I WANT to say Miss Pamma Granite for she is probably the BIGGEST competition but alas, she merits a Finals Spot. The Appetizer... Honey, We arent looking for the Start, we are looking for the Main Course, something to fill us and finish us off. I cannot sit here and actually let you let ha make finals. She won two challenges? Okay, Condragulations. Your Chart isnt what is going to win you this game, its C.U.N.T. - These are some of my best looks and I think I came out here and I served it. I don't think she has served it once this whole game - showing herself and her brand and her potential - I think she was called back to the Kitchen.

2514 days 2 hours ago
konohavillage1 For my executive realness, I'm giving you Pink Business Casual Friday. For my party look, I want to make sure I get ALL the attention, so I'm going out in every fucking color I can find. You want a party, you're gonna get it in TECHNICOLOR. Now after serving the party up, I think it's time for a simple day at the beach before my "fun in the sun" summer high fashion. Too bad I forgot the sunscreen!
2514 days 2 hours ago
So... who should leave... I feel like she's gonna prove me wrong on this runway, but The Appetizer's performance just hasn't been as strong as Trigger's, Big MK's, or mine. She's had moments, just not as much as the rest of us.
2513 days 11 hours ago
MichelleObama My executive realness. I'm your boss and you must submit to my demands. My Party Girl. Attending a rave before going back to school. My Fashion Week Couture. I'm giving you life with dead leaves.

As for who I think shouldn't be in the bottom 3, I leave you all with this message:
Matthew 7: 1-2
“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."
Thank you.
2513 days 6 hours ago
*THIS IS ALL BAD* you've been warned


-Executive Realness

-Party Girl

-Fashion Week Couture


It's all beyond bad so just save your time with my critiques because it's just bad and I'm so embarrassed

To say anyone other than myself doesn't deserve it would be a joke becauseee yeah

so that's all I have to say and good job guys on final 3
2513 days 3 hours ago
Clone I'm happy you turned something in

Good luck for real

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