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Mini Challenge1- DRAGULATE HA!!!!

Topic » Mini Challenge1- DRAGULATE..

2536 days 2 hours ago
Welcome queens I am sorry that the last results had such a mishap but we must move on in the quest to find Tengaged's Next Drag Superstar

This is going to be a short mini challenge the prize will remain unknown until the end but just know that this decision with the power can make or break you in this competition

for this challenge you must choose a male celebrity and Dragulate him using Logo's own Dragulator!

Use any celeb and style you want
I want the FULL body dragulated image with a brand new drag name

I now bring you R Munty (Mitt Romney)

You guys will have until Midnight TONIGHT 3/25 AT 11:59 and 59 seconds PM EST
IF you do not submit there is no penalty against you in the main competition

Good luck and don't f*ck it up!
2536 days 2 hours ago
(Just in case I dont get to do this because of work.)

Introducing.... The OTHER RuPaul!

Serving style and Jesus as she takes us to drag church. Praise be unto a true and living gawdt.

"Tell the man with the money to come here and pay me!"
2535 days 11 hours ago
From the vine to the ocean... I give you... Ocean City (Based off of Owl City)

You don't have to be a mermaid to live in the ocean. Eat your heart out Adore.
2535 days 10 hours ago
Gone but not forgotten.
Male T-Celeb ZOEYGASMS but back when he was playin' an extra on The Jungle Book!
Oh Eeba

Hunty The Shade is real and thick! Hide under Miss Parasol, UV Rays to the EXTREME

2535 days 9 hours ago
Pope Francis agreed to take time off of his busy schedule to appear on the show, as...

The Entrée!
2535 days 8 hours ago
Chaz Michaels

she's mixed
also she couldn't decide which wig to wear so she wore both
2535 days 6 hours ago
I have dragulated Nick Cannon

Since Mariah Carey's Bitch is too vulgar of a name, he shall be refered to as Ariana Grande

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