Puma's Avatar Pics!

Hi guys!  :D

Some of you may remember when I did this back in November last year.  I thought I would start it up again since I left so many unfinished last time!

So, if you want me to draw your avatar, join the group and post in the main thread!  I'll go (mostly) in order, but I may prioritize some friends if they want me to do theirs too :)

I'll try to do them all eventually!

If you don't want to wait in line, you can gift me and I'll do yours right away ;D

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9 postsCreated by puma on 2927 days 16 hours ago
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2341 days 17 hours ago

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  1. Which Stars Pic should I use?2890 days 19 hours ago

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Puma's Avatar Pics!

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