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In this Death Match, players will be exchanging cards to create a “Quattro”. A Quattro refers to when 4 cards all have DIFFERENT NUMBERS and DIFFERENT COLORS.

In this game, there are a total of 26 cards. There are Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green cards numbered from 1-6, and two Zero cards which are Grey. In the beginning of the game, the cards will be shuffled and 4 cards will be dealt to each Death Match player. If you do not like your cards, you may “mulligan” and exchange them for 4 new cards. You may do this up to 2 times, but you may keep your cards if you like them.

Once both players have received their cards, the remaining 18 cards will be dealt to 6 “virtual players”, who receive 3 cards each.

When all cards are dealt out, you will begin play by revealing ONE of your four cards. Once the cards are revealed, the two players will take turns trading cards with the 6 virtual players. You may trade a card by choosing one of your cards to trade and choosing a virtual player to trade with. The card you traded WILL be revealed.

The virtual players will choose a card to trade you according to the following rules:
1.        They will consider the cards you have revealed and choose the best card that can complete a Quattro.
2.        If they only have cards that can’t complete a Quattro, they will choose the card with the highest number.
3.        If there are multiple cards with the highest number, they will choose a card in order of Red > Blue > Yellow > Green. (Aka they will trade a Red 6 instead a Blue 6)
4.        If the virtual player has a 0 card, they will ALWAYS trade the 0 card.

The card traded to you from the virtual player will NOT be revealed to your opponent.

You may trade with the virtual players in any order, but you must trade with ALL SIX PLAYERS before revealing all 4 of your cards. Remember, you can only trade with each Virtual Player once.

When taking turns trading, you will take turns as follows: Player 1, Player 2, Player 2, Player 1, Player 1, Player 2, Player 2, etc.

Once both players announce that they are satisfied with how they have traded, both players will reveal another card from their hand, and they will continue trading as they would like.

NOTE: Any card that you have revealed CANNOT be traded regardless. Those cards are part of your final hand to complete a Quattro.

Once both players have revealed all 4 cards, the game will end. If both players complete a Quattro, the player with the higher sum of cards will win. If the sums are equal, the player with the highest number card will win.

If one player did not complete a Quattro, that player automatically loses. Note that the 0 card is accepted as a different color and number. So if a 0 card is included in your final hand, it IS possible to complete a Quattro.

If both players fail to complete a Quattro, the player with the highest sum will win, and the tiebreaker is similar to if both players complete a Quattro.
40 days 10 hours ago
In this Death Match, you will memorize the back of a game board that will be presented via GIF. This GIF will show LETTERS on the front of the board, and NUMBERS and SYMBOLS on the back that you have to remember.

Behind a board with 16 different letters on it, there will be 12 different numbers, with one plus, minus, multiply and divide sign. When the game begins, the GIF revealing the back of the board will be shown for just 1 MINUTE, after which you will only be given the letters on the front of the board.

Each round a TARGET NUMBER – which can be made with the numbers and symbols on the back of the boards – will be revealed. When it is called, you must recall the numbers and signs to complete and equation that results in said target number.

The equations must abide by some rules:
-        Must consist of 2 numbers and 1 sign.
-        Cannot have 2 of the same number.
-        Must call out the equation using the LETTERS on the front of the board, that relate to the NUMBERS/SUMBOLS on the back of each tile.

The first person to post three relevant letters to form an equation will have it assessed. If they are incorrect, the opponent will be given a chance to answer. If still incorrect, play passes back to the first player to guess. This continues until the correct answer is discovered.

The first player to make the target number will gain 1 point. The game then continues in this fashion until a player reaches 10 points and is declared the winner.

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