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Jubbzy's Quick Games

Series of quick games awarding T$ during the holiday season!

Winner #1; Cheznahuf (Life/Charming2010)
Winner #2; Punx193 (TripleXXX/aajfe712)
Winner #3; hoodieboy7449 (randomkid22/Patrick319)
Winner #4; Konohavillage1 (Itspipez/77Sparks77)
Winner #5; Brenn (infamouskydd/life)
Winner #6; Tennisallstar94 (Misuse/Randomkid22)
Winner #7; WillyEx (BlackWidow/Samson)
Winner #8; Bonkers (koolness234/hoodieboy7449)
Winner #9; Mynamescooler (konohavillage1/ecofriendlycody)
Winner #10; Hoodieboy7449 (koolness234/phenomanimal)
Winner #11; Tennisallstar94 (danielallen/brawlkuriboh)
Winner #12; Phenomanimal (misuse/j0nhale)
Winner #13; Charming2010 (infamouskydd/brenn)
Winner #14; Lakisha (realitynerd/jamhav2417)
Winner #15; Alexxandra (Kaffreya/Beautiful)
Quick Game #58: Josh742
Quick Game #59: Anthony2011class
Quick Game #60: Savcodushe
Quick Game #61: Realitynerd
Quick Game #62: Lady Q
Quick Game #63: Misuse
Quick Game #64: SirGaga
Quick Game #65: BioDork

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Quick Game 65
636 postsCreated by Jubbzy on 4857 days 1 hour ago
Last post by BlueStar
4388 days 2 hours ago
Quick Game 64
290 postsCreated by Jubbzy on 4875 days 14 hours ago
Last post by 77sparks77
4875 days 3 hours ago
964 postsCreated by Jubbzy on 5167 days 19 hours ago
Last post by christidpage
4998 days 6 hours ago
492 postsCreated by Jubbzy on 5170 days 20 hours ago
Last post by punx193
5170 days 18 hours ago
714 postsCreated by Jubbzy on 5171 days 19 hours ago
Last post by Pinacolada
5171 days 17 hours ago

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  1. QG65 - VOTE TO WIN!4857 days ago
  2. VOTE TO WIN4875 days 13 hours ago
  3. VOTE FIVE4875 days 13 hours ago
  4. VOTE FOUR4875 days 13 hours ago
  5. VOTE THREE4875 days 13 hours ago

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Jubbzy's Quick Games

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