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S06E01 - Cancel Cancel Cancel Culture (PT. II)

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6 days 9 hours ago
Good evening ladies!

Please forgive me, my lousy time machine broke and it appears we have all landed in the year 1921!

You may notice there are only eight of you in the room, and that's because this season we're having a split premiere! The other half of the cast is stuck in 2021... those poor darlings!

Jayson D'Rulo
LaLa Bags
Mad Madge
Mesothelioma Carcinoma

For your first challenge, you will be circulating your very own 1920s themed tabloid scandal – oh my! Think along the lines of the Sh*rry Pie drama, but... a 1921 version and not so horrendous. In my opinion, I find that tit's best to avoid having your name tarnished in all the tabloids,  but then again... any publicity is good publicity!

You can present this scandal in anyway you choose, whether it be purely through text, or perhaps some graphics or video... it's up to you! Just be funny and make a good first impression.

On the runway we are miraculously back in 2021, and you will be wearing your best SHOULDER PAD look!

In addition, you will submit to me via PM a lip-sync look for "Push the Button" by the Sugababes:

You will have three days to complete this challenge. If you require an extension, please let me know well in advance.

Contestants, start your hard drives... and may the best contestant, WIN!
6 days 8 hours ago
TO REITERATE: this is NOT a group challenge.
6 days 8 hours ago
Will there be any twists on elimination that we can know about at this time

Also Pm me for alliances
4 days 14 hours ago
The very British tea scandal

The date is 24th of February 1921 and I am writing this later of apology because on the night or 23rd of February 1921 I was caught makeing my tea wrong their is no excuses I can make to make it right again all I can do is apologise and learn from this harrowing experience so it is with great regret that I also have to step down fro my role as president of the British tea club I hope in to my friends family and work colleagues can find in their heart and forgive for put the milk before the water and tea bags I can't right anymore as the tears are running down my face just know that I am so sorry for what I have done and again I really hope you forgive

Your faithful
Ex president of the British tea club Amanduhh

Runway 1:
4 days 13 hours ago
Challenge / Runway :
3 days 22 hours ago
3 days 15 hours ago
3 days 15 hours ago
Listen to this on your newfangled radios.


We're not allowed to thanks to COVID guidelines in 2021, but I'm going night clubbing.
3 days 9 hours ago

Earlier this week Louise O. L. Sinclair, heiress to both Lysol and Sinclair oil fortunes and infamous silver screen vixen has once again become embroiled in a bizarre scandal following the very public separation from her ex-husband the year prior. Previously well known for her roles in box office hits like ‘The Social Speakeasy’ and ‘Call Me By Your Name, Which Is [HOMOPHOBIC SLUR OMITTED], Because It’s 1917 And Homosexuality Is Sin”, Sinclair came under fire as rumors of her sexual appetite began to spread as the starlet returned to the dating market after her divorce. These rumors, it seems, only began to scratch the tip of the iceberg, as new letters allegedly penned by Sinclair have been published detailing the actress’s cannibalistic fantasies.

While the messages are cryptic, further correspondence seems to confirm Sinclair’s cannibalistic tendencies.

Sinclair has reportedly been taken into custody for questioning regarding the disappearances of four men in the half mile radius surrounding her Bel Air estate in the past year. While representatives of the actress have declined to comment on the matter, a source close to the Sinclair family told the Herald, “I had an affair with Louise last summer. She was the first woman to ever eat my ass — god, what a woman! I can only imagine the euphoria those guys must have felt as she devoured them alive. Godwilling I’ll go out the same way”. More to come as details of the gory story develop.

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