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The Hunger Games

You've been selected to die. Congratulations. You are one of the tributes from the 12 Districts in the nation of Panem. As a reminder of the horrible uprising, the Capital stages the Hunger Games in a hidden arena. Each of the tributes must fight off each other, starvation and themselves until only one survives. Luckily for you, before you die, you will become a tv star! Every citizen in Panem is required to watch our televised highlights, so maybe you'll get a chance to show off your pretty face before we get to see a fellow tribute rip the heart out of your chest!

In the dark of night, you can collect food/drink or items, move to a different area of the arena, or sleep. Beware, because once day rises, everyone will be out to attack either you, themselves or one of the traps set by the gamemakers! Make alliances, go on your own, avoid the others, or attack everyone you see! The path you choose to victory is what you choose alone; it'll be the last choice you make, because here in the arena - you are ALWAYS at the whim of the gamemakers and the citizens of the capital. The citizens will be voting every day on different traps, areas to destroy, gifts to provide and other ways to torture the tributes - all for their entertainment!

"Welcome to the 71st annual Hunger Games!"

Status - 2 remain!!! Final Duel began on N4

Zones still available A2, B2

Featured Players 2 playing

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The Hunger Games

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