“I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”  -Thomas Jefferson

The game of "Luck" is a continuation and evolution of my previous Random Games.  But in this game, you make your own luck.

16 people will be selected for "Luck", which follows the same guidelines as my previous Random Games, but with more involvement from the competitors.

Each round, the competitors will perform in a short challenge that will allow them a certain amount of numbers in the "Luck Draw".  The Draw will select one person (each person having a different amount of entries in the Draw) to become the Head of Household.  The HoH will nominate three people for eviction.  The nominations will be followed by the "Lifesaver" competition, in which one of the nominees will be randomized off of the block after a short competition.  The remaining contestants will vote for who they want to leave.  Each vote will count as an entry in the randomizer, and the person whose name is selected in the randomizer will be eliminated.

At the final 6, the remaining contestants will compete in a final challenge to receive entrees for the randomizer.  A winner will then be selected by the randomizer.


Round 1:
Head of Household- lemon5029
Nominees (Pre Lifesaver)- JetsRock12, Josh742, Timster
Lifesaver- Josh742
Nominees (Post Lifesaver)- JetsRock12, Timster
Evicted- Timster [16th]

Expelled- Bonkers [15th]
Walked- realitynerd [14th]

Featured Players 6 playing

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Head of Household #1 Results
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  1. Who Should Get the Lifesaver (PoV)?3162 days 11 hours ago

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