Tengaged Best Game Player: Season 5

Form teams. Play games and challenges. Eliminate players. Simple as that. Maybe...maybe not. You will start off the game with your partner but expect some twists. There may be advantage challenges where you win some prize that may help you not be eliminated or an advantage for yourself. Then there will be eliminations. Some challenges involve flash games so just to let you know if you don't mind flash games, this is it! Some challenges also have live games. One winner is deemed Tengaged Best Game Player and will receive a gift.

Season 1: Likeafire
Season 2: TolisKalkas
Season 3: TolisKalkas
Season 4: TolisKalkas

Friend or Foe Quickie Seasons Winners:

1) JohnMorrison and Bella777
2) Yankees14456

Featured Players 5 playing

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Postponing this season
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2393 days 8 hours ago
Week 1 Results and More
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2406 days 9 hours ago
Week 1
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2407 days 11 hours ago
Partnering up
18 postsCreated by capguy1 on 2411 days 19 hours ago
Last post by Pacer33
2407 days 12 hours ago
Start date
2 postsCreated by capguy1 on 2414 days 11 hours ago
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2412 days 23 hours ago

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  3. Who would you go for? 3412 days 19 hours ago
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  5. Which one of two should go home?3420 days 17 hours ago

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