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The Power of !0 :: S.2 ©

*~~~~~ Season 2 soon! ~~~~~*

The first time on Tengaged play with percentage!

But how - okay, you have to sign on when an episode start and first 2 contestants to apply will move into Knockout Round where they will be asked max. 5 Qs and from that one contestant will move to Money Round where he/she will play The Power of !0.

S.2's Episode Intro :


S.1 Episode 1 -
Duncan & Rippyroo
[Duncan(2) was knocked out by Rippy(3) and then got P1 of Money Round right and took chance and played P2 but failed to guess the exact Power% and took with him 6T$]

S.1 Episode 2 -
Lentil & Yswimmer96
[This time too it was close b/w the two contestants but Yswimmer getting 3 right and knocked Lentil out and moved onto Money Round where he took time to make final guess on % and finally got it right and believed himself and played P2 of Money Round but failed & took with himself 6T$]

Season 2 - By end of 2009 :)

It's a Quick game so two contestants will be chosen at the moment a Episode start :)

Thanks! <3
Good Luck
- 'X'

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S.2 Intro!
1 postCreated by imxrated93 on 5309 days 1 hour ago
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5309 days 1 hour ago
Power of 10 :: Season 2
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5309 days 1 hour ago
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5429 days 5 hours ago
Episode 2
170 postsCreated by imxrated93 on 5453 days 10 hours ago
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5453 days 8 hours ago
First Episode! =]
14 postsCreated by imxrated93 on 5458 days 11 hours ago
Last post by tyro3
5455 days 5 hours ago

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