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SPUD: Society for Prevention of Ugly Designs

NOTE: THIS GROUP IS ALL ABOUT BEING OBJECTIVE.  If you're in this group, you should believe that designs deserve to be plussed/negged based on their merit - not the popularity of the designer or spam.


SPUD is for serious designers or people who actually care to see good designs make auction. 

Too often do terrible, effortless designs make auction because they were spammed and people simply plus them because they were asked to.  This group is to prevent that.

If you see a design of this nature, post it in the group and we'll see if we can turn things around. 

Don't misunderstand - we're not here to attack new designers (or people you don't like) with negs or anything like that.  We're just here to give good designers the recognition they deserve and make sure spam isn't rewarded.

This group is PRIVATE and by joining, you are agreeing to keep what is said in here private as well. We'll only be accepting people we trust and who we believe have the best interests of this group in mind!

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