Patrick's quickgame

Ever want to play stars? not enough karma? in this quickgame, you will get to feel the stars experiance, without having to pay!

In the event of a tie, player who APPLIED first is safe

Stars winners:
Ssn 1- Heyitsderek
Ssn 2- JJJJ
Ssn 3- Bluestar
Ssn 4- Cheznahuf
Ssn 5- Morebeastthanyou
Ssn 6- Randomkid22
Ssn 7- Tenfan
Big brother winners:
Ssn 1- Rylee

Featured Players 4 playing

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Stars quickgame sign up :D
71 postsCreated by Patrick7893 on 2915 days 5 hours ago
Last post by noahb712
2803 days 9 hours ago
im patrick
6 postsCreated by karim on 2915 days 4 hours ago
Last post by karim
2915 days 4 hours ago
Stars season 7 quickgame
32 postsCreated by Patrick7893 on 2928 days 4 hours ago
Last post by Sammyjo63
2927 days 16 hours ago
Puma wins
2 postsCreated by puma on 2928 days 3 hours ago
Last post by GurlBai
2927 days 22 hours ago
Big brother quickgame- season one
611 postsCreated by Patrick7893 on 2951 days 5 hours ago
Last post by Patrick7893
2951 days 3 hours ago

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