Tengaged Art Contest V - All-Stars

We will be using this site to create artwork related to the topic or challenge. I as head judge will make the final decision on who is out each round!
Hall of Fame of Artwork:
http://artpad.art.com/?kivqb870s8c - NoelSarah (Catagory: Free Draw)
http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?kj6xs44bx48 - Nakomis (Catagory: Your Country)
http://artpad.art.com/?kjk6ku25sxc - Haskova (Catagory: Two Colors)
http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?km87qj6a5ig - AndyShields (Catagory: About Yourself)
Season 1:
Winner - Dramallama56
2nd Place - Danny7
Season 2:
Winner - NoelSarah
2nd Place - Joanna94
Season 3:
Winner - Haskova
2nd Place - Nakomis
3rd Place - Morphylee
Season 4:
Winner - Djs87
2nd place - Doodyful
3rd place - AndyShields
Season 5 All-Stars:
Winner - ???
2nd place - ???
3rd place - ???

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Topic #1 - We need a new logo!
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Guys Im sorry
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All-stars! Confirm here to play!
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3780 days 21 hours ago
Tengaged Art Contest Season IV - Final Results
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3786 days 18 hours ago
Tengaged Art Contest Season IV - Finale
19 postsCreated by metslover7675 on 3795 days 18 hours ago
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3789 days 5 hours ago

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