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Topic » TenCAGED // RULES

54 days 4 hours ago
- You are not allowed to post or comment anything on the blogs page. If you do, you will receive a 5% penalty boost to your percentage whenever you face a public poll.

**The only exception to this rule is if you win Supreme. Then you are allowed to make one post that round & comment freely until the following round commences. If you’re nominated you are allowed to make one post which is your plea, but you’re not allowed to comment on your plea or any other posts.**

- There will also be a penalty of 15% tacked onto your vote in a poll for spamming as well if there’s undeniable proof via screenshots. Spamming for votes is heavily frowned upon in the cage.

- Bullying to any extent is also unacceptable. Anybody who crosses the line in that department will get one strike, and only one cause this isn’t baseball. On top of the strike a penalty of 10% will be tackled onto your final vote whenever you face a poll. If another incident occurs after getting a strike, an expulsion will occur at that point.
36 days 22 hours ago
- Inactivity in the cage will also be very frowned upon. To any player that misses the deadline to submit their competition scores and/or nominations will automatically be nominated for expulsion!

- If this happens at any point before the final 8, the player with the second most nomination points given to them that round will be saved from the chopping block to keep the total number of nominees at three.

- I understand life can be unpredictable so if something happens that makes you unable to dedicate enough time to do the competition & submit a score one round, you are able to submit a score of zero for the competition as long as the heads up is given of course.

**This won’t apply for submitting nominations. You must be able to make the time to get your nominations in, or you will be nominated!**

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