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Week 20: 2/18/24 to 2/25/24

Topic » Week 20: 2/18/24 to 2/25/24

56 days 18 hours ago
Welcome back. Survivorfan12 is outta here and we are the top 10! Congratulations. Posts for the next round will be due on Sunday, February 25th, at 12 PM EST.

How are you feeling about making it this far? How long do you think we'll be here for?
56 days 17 hours ago
I will win I dont care if this game goes on till im dead
56 days 16 hours ago
Part of me wants to merge this group with Tyler and Callia鈥檚 wedding crapfest solely so I can crap up more bidets and they watch helplessly. Also waiting for a response from your telling me to "GO BACK TO THE GREEK WEDDING DANCE FLOOR YOU BUM" after spamming for a voted-on reward you cringe loser @Tyler
56 days 16 hours ago
Woot Woot Top 10 baby.
56 days 15 hours ago
Congrats on top 10 y'all
56 days 14 hours ago
Congrats fellas
56 days 11 hours ago
56 days 11 hours ago
Hey @booyahboi you should just feel privileged that we invited you to the best god damn wedding that you've ever been to 馃槒馃槒 I swear though, if you destroy those bathrooms again, I'll be making you feel so fucking sorry that you'll be cleaning the floors with your fucking tongue. You fucking pig. Callia and I might appear nice here but we'll make your life a living hell ! 馃槇 All the wya from antarmtica if we need to 馃敟馃槑
56 days 10 hours ago
@Tyler indeed. We'll even invite his new bestie, Shane aka Shrek aka the Irish Craic to help him clean those bathroom floors. Those two make such a good pair 馃敟
That reminds me, we still need to ask him to join tg first 馃槵馃槵
56 days 3 hours ago
don't stop the floppa rock it to the bang bang boogie
53 days 16 hours ago
booyahhayoob is gay tbh
49 days 14 hours ago

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