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The Singer Trials


Team Ailee -- @Kindred7
Team Chaeyeon (DIA) -- @mathboy9
Team Twice -- @turkeylover
Team EXID -- @Whoa
Team BoA -- @FromAWindow
Team NewJeans -- @Malamente
Team Max Changmin -- @AronJX
Team Dreamcatcher -- @LooseyLaduca
Team CN Blue -- @daleariel
Team Red Velvet -- @Symmetry888
Team Day6 -- @Demgirl6
Team Girls Generation -- @Tyler93

The Theme of the Singer Trials: Season 1 is Battle Royale.

In Battle Royale; The Japanese Hit Classic Movie, every student was given a backpack with a random weapon in it and forced to fight to the death on an island.
Just like the movie, each Team/Group competing in this season will be given a random weapon.
At any time in the competition, that team can use their weapon on any other team they would like. No immunities.
The team that is targeted by the weapon will lose points from their challenge score for that episode. The deadlier the weapon, the more points they lose.
This means one team could be at the top of the week with the highest score, but be hit by an incredibly deadly weapon, lose points and get eliminated.
Weapons can only be used once.
I suggest you save your weapon until you really need to use it.
Multiple people can also use their weapon at the same time.

If anyone gets eliminated with an unused weapon, that weapon will be randomly distributed to a random contestant.

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The Singer Trials

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