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LandY Survivor Dead Island

It began in 2018 on the shores of Ireland, then in 2019 the ghosts of the past came to Ghost Island, then people hid behind a costume name in Mystery Island in 2020, 2022 had Easter Island and after 4 months we are back. Welcome to Survivor Dead Island
It is here 15 castaways will battle the dead and each other as they try to fight to survive this deadly Island. With the return of 7 past players will a new player rise to the occasion or will the returnees show they mean business.
15 players 2 to 3 weeks 1 Survivor
Hosts Logan and Season 1 9th Placer Yandere
Season 1 Ireland Winner TaraG 2018 well before the controversy
Season 2 Ghost Island Winner NopalitoLegend 2019
Season 3 Mystery Island Tyleror as The Diamond
Season 4 Easter Island Winner Bigjon21

Logan Tribe
15th Shane/Shanedawson12345  left chat
14th Times/time_places 4-2 - 1*
Tris/Tman54445 5-1-1*
13th Reynolds/Mrkkkkyle 6*- 1
12th Yawnha/Yawnha 5*-0
Tris returns to the game
11th TJ Itachi_Uchiha Medevaced
Jury begins
10th Brice/13bam walked
9th Dan/Dwipeouts  4-1-1
8th Joey/Joey65409 2-1
7th Tris/Tman54445 5-1-1
6th Robz/MrRobzilla 2-2-1-1/3-1
5th Drew/Tester 3-2
4th lionsden121 Tim 3-1
3rd JJ Moviemusicguy123 0 votes to win
2nd Josh Jdc17 2 votes to win
1st Scott GbpackXLVchamps 5 votes to win
* is self vote ** is super idol play *** is idol play

Featured Players 11 playing

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