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Sea's Melody Festival (Season 3)

Welcome to Sea's Melody Festival!

In this game, 28 artists of different backgrounds and genres will battle it out over three rounds in order to be crowned champion!

A season will last a little over a week, and consist of the following rounds:

The Heats - Our 28 contestants will be randomly divided into 4 groups of 7. The performances will then be judged, with 1st and 2nd advancing directly to the final, but 6th and 7th being instantly eliminated from the competition

Second Chance - The acts that placed between 3rd and 5th will perform again, facing off in a 3-way (get you mind out of the gutter) battle. The winner of each battle will advance to the final, meanwhile, the two losers will be eliminated

The Final - 8 automatic qualifiers, and 4 second-chance acts will perform again. Out of these 12, one alone will emerge as the grand champion!


Your theme for season 2 is...Talent Show Alumni!

All I can say is good luck...



Winner: Morissette (#Txashaun)
Runner-Up: Maelyn Jarmon (#Jameslu)
Second Runner-Up: Miley Cyrus (#Stuartlittle16)


Season 2:

Winner: Pia Toscano (#Txashaun)
Runner-Up: Ndlovu Youth Choir (#Ryan5676)
Second Runner-Up: Katrina Velarde (#Txashaun)

Featured Players 11 playing

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Sea's Melody Festival (Season 3)

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