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Vanguard Society

| Part Two, 2023 |

(Apps Are Always Open)

The world seems to have lost faith in the heroes that promised to protect them from danger. After the Vanguards failed in battle against one of their own members, NovaStar, citizens had started to bring about a new wave of vigilantism.

Although the people may have more heroes to fight for and protect them, the return of NovaStar is still heavily anticipated, and causing angst among nearly everyone. Nobody is quite sure if our heroes will be prepared if she returns, but as of right now… Well, we just have to hope that day doesn’t come.

🛡️Bullet-Man || Coolbrandonman
🛡️Sixth Sense || Coolbrandonman
🛡️Nyx || Maya10
🛡️Clara Pointe || Rain848
Blayne Diaz || iGoddess
Elda Normandy || nhl8765554321
Taryn Ayala || Coolbrandonman
Max Jeffery || JTthePrince
Mika Rittenhouse || spinfur
✊Hisea || iGoddess
✊Tech || Coolbrandonman
Annalise “Anna” Caine || SirNiceGuy
Tristan 'Tris' Kennedy || Scarelet
Ethan Murphy || Coolbrandonman
Korrl || RealMurph
🖤Zach Pine || Tommy123
🖤Daniela “Dani” Granada || Tommy123
Revenant || Scarelet
Weston Diamond || Rain848
Miles Woods || Wyatt2001
Chris Eriksen || lionsden121
Reagan Wyngarde || Ajathekween
🌗Bugseye || Coolbrandonman
🌗 Piper Grunebaum || Tizian
🌗 Daniel Diaz || lionsden121

Avonna Rogers || Neck Snapped (episode 1)
Backwardo || Revenant (Ep2, Pg 44)
Ryan and Oliver Mott ||  The Rutheless Korrl (Ep3, pg1)
Vanguard Society

| Part One |

Episode 1 || Pilot
Episode 2 || The Aberration
Episode 3 || Diamonds
Episode 4 || Insurrection
Episode 5 || Face Off

| Part Two |

Episode 1 || The Aftermath
Episode 2 || He Is Watching
Episode 3 || Vigilant
Episode 4 || TBD
Episode 5 || TBD

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Episode 2 || He Is Watching
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Vanguard Society

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