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Final Tribal

Topic » Final Tribal

11 days 1 hour ago
Congratulations to:

Robbie (Robson704)
Veigar (Veigar)
Destiney (Vaultg1rl)

For making it as far as you can in the game.

The power now shifts to the jury where they will have the opportunity to ask you all questions about your game and vote for a WINNER

Be sure to make an opening statement if you wish.

JURY: Your votes are due by 8PM EST tomorrow and they will then be read at the reunion
10 days 23 hours ago
well hello jury!

i would want to mention the things that i did in this game and explain what was i doing each round and my reasoning behind each decision, just want to get straight to the facts

ive done lots of stuff behind the curtain, and i have some secrets which none of you knew about so ill definetly mention all of it to make some fun facts for all of you jurors:

- at final 16, 90 minutes after idols were hidden i found samsams bayon tribe idol on his second blog in the comments section (then that comment was deleted so you wont see it now it said ,,bayon idol''). when i came to my first tribal council everyone wanted to vote out tester for inactivity but when he got online i told him i want to go far with him and i want him to stay as long as possible, i think that other people like michael huzzy and tayler also wanted to do that and then vote quickly shifted to here and i was happy about that cause i had a feeling at that time that tester would be loyal person moving forward and i wanted to play with people like that and i didnt know here that much while i recognised tester from the past. originally i was planning to save tester with an idol if the vote didnt shift and then i wanted to save here with idol to blindside mike but i knew votes could be split between tester and here and there could be some self votes so i thought it was too early to make a move cause votes could go anywhere and i didnt have time to do anything and i thought here leaving wouldnt be too bad
- at final 15 we won immunity but i had a feeling at that time that michael and scott could be my biggest threats at merge and propably would be the biggest competition to beat at the end so i figured the earlier i would gun for mike or scott propably the better would it be for me on the long run since in my opinion everyone else were less experienced in group games than two of them
- at final 14 everyone wanted to vote out bayley because of the fact he self voted at first tribal and then he didnt appear on second challenge, i approached him and told him i dont want to play simple game by keeping tribe strong and i want to play this game with him and i didnt want to judge him based on the fact he could be weakest link on the tribe, it didnt matter to me cause what mattered to me that day was me trying to get solid people and solid numbers for merge and i really believed i could rely on bayley at that time. i gave him my idol and told him lie that mike was leading everyone to take out bayley to convince bayley for 100% to vote mike not someone else, in reality im not sure if mike told everyone to do bayley or not but i knew he could be possibly my biggest competition at merge so i wanted to make this move before it could have been too late. i didnt want to get numbers to take mike out cause i knew mike would find out that way that im gunning for him and were both from poland so i didnt want him to feel dissapointed in me that im trying to take him out that early cause i would feel really sad and guilty cause i like mike after one other group game ive played with him, so thats why i wanted to use idol on bayley and only make bayley and me vote out michael so mike would never find out i did him wrong.

i planned with bayley that we will keep it as secret with one another and we will pretend that it was his idol, his idea, his master plan and second vote on michael was done by someone who bayley didnt know about, this way bayley pretended hes alone in this game and people were more open to approach him, if people knew i saved him with my idol they would know im in duo with bayley and long term you people would finally make plan behind our backs and split us up but when people didnt know i saved him, people were telling me when they wanted to get bayley out every round and told bayley when they wanted me out and we reported to each other info throughout this whole game pretending were not that close

,,he was close to me like aj in bradys survivor, where our secret final 2 carried us both to final tribal''

- at 13 i wanted to get hector out cause i felt like i had good relationships with everyone else and remaining bayon 5 could possibly stay strong at merge but bayley approached me saying that tayler is huge threat and i realised he is right, tayler also wanted bayley gone that round so it was quite obvious for me that round i have to choose between tayler or bayley and there was no way to go around that, i really liked tayler but just like mike, i considered her huge social threat and she was telling lots of people what to do at premerge so i thought it would be better for my game if i left hector, someone who would try less in the game and would be solid number and propably wouldnt turn on me cause he wouldnt be active enough to conspire against me

ahh and yeah i had plan to use idol on bayley, find rehidden bayon idol and be gucci but guess what? i never found rehidden bayon idol lmao, so i can say that i had to choose at that time between idol or loyal ally and i always would choose loyal ally over any kind of advantage cause at the end of the day this is a game of numbers, you either build strong solid army which dominates the game or youre getting picked off while if i had idol but i had no one i could rely on and people would target me how long would i stay? 2,3 rounds? its just not the game that i wanted to play and i wanted to play a bit more active game

- at final 12 i really believed it was simple hector vote and yeah i was amazed by the fact tester left 5-4 vote, he was actually in alliance at that time with me him huzzy and bayley on discord and losing him so early gave me a feeling that i will be crushed by majority alliance on the other side and go next right after him. if i won hoh that round i propably would try to take out someone strong from ta keo like ruby maybe luan cause thats how i felt at that time those could be another threats to my game, and yeah i was 20 seconds away from beating owen in hoh comp so i really could have won that hoh comp and make game go in a bit different direction
- at final 11 after getting first clue to the merge idol i found merge idol in 20 minutes after clue was sent out, i typed the phrase from the clue on google chrome and added ,,tengaged'' and first blog that appeared was blog with merge idol. scott had a feeling that i really dont have anyone i could rely on except huzzy so he wanted me huzzy bayley him luan and destiney to stick together as 6 strong and pick other side off, to be honest he was right but im assumming all of you thought i hated bayley and would gladly vote him out just like i did at michael vote but you didnt know that i was really close with him and really when people wanted to conspire against me or him they were approaching the other one and the second person from our pair tried to put target away from the first person and it always worked, when people were telling me its time for bayley to leave i always defended him and convinced people its better to target someone else and i think bayley did the same with me, at that time people wanted to target either owen lindsay or hector but i really wanted it to be owen first cause i always love to take out most threatening people first and fortunately everyone had the same agenda and we all agreed to vote owen first
- at final 10 i had merge idol and i had opportunity to use idol on hector who was targetted by everyone out there and take out ruby/scott or luan if only i wanted to do so. the fact you all dont know about is that i really tried to save hector and if only he was active that day he would be saved by my idol. my reasoning at that time was that when hector will be gone there will be 5 ta keos and 3 bayon at final 8 and at next two votes i could be picked off with bayley and huzzy but if hector gets there and we survive one more vote when hes loyal to us we would have strong 4 which we would carry to the end of this game

here is the proof that hector was LITERALLY 1 step away from staying if only he was active and responded at that time

my reasoning was that hector staying is beneficial for me, ruby and scott staying also could be beneficial to me cause at that time ruby really would propably want hector gone at final 8 while scott would want ruby gone at final 8 which would put target on other people backs not me while if one of those 3 people would leave or get idoled out there could be chance target would go on my back so thats why i wanted to take out luan, it was because he was nobodys target and game wouldnt change after he would leave and knowing game was going my way at that time and i didnt want anything to change luan really was my best option to be targetted at that round. my plan was to vote hector but make hector use idol on himself and vote for luan, this way 4 votes on hector wouldnt count and luan would leave with 1 vote

luan is medically evacuated because he self voted twice in a row
hector leaves cause he got most of the votes and he was really inactive

and samsam gave merge idol back to me because as he said ,,hector never accepted your idol so because of that the idol is still yours even tho you wanted to give it away'' and honestly it was neutral ending to whole round and i didnt complain about the results but yeah i wish people were more active at that time cause that move would be messy and interesting at that time

- at final 7 i wanted to keep me bayley and huzzy strong what was funny was that i was really close to huzzy and bayley but both of them didnt want to trust each other at final 7 thinking one is going to betray the other at some point and even though i knew it was never going to happen i never fully explained to huzzy that bayley has my back 100%. huzzy thought ruby and bayley are going to be a duo and they wont vote each other and if i left i think huzzy and bayley would gun for each other if they could cause the trust between them wasnt there at that moment. originally scott and others wanted to take out ruby, then it shifted to bayley and then it shifted to safe split 4-3 between ruby and bayley, i wanted ruby to get votes and leave but i knew if i would insist scott and others would stop trusting me and they would keep me out of the loop so i just nodded to most of the plans and pretending im good to go along with everything, when i heard from scott he wanted to split 3-3 and then make destiney decide who leaves between ruby and bayley i had this gut feeling that theres no way she would vote ruby and she will take bayley out meaning bayley will get most of the votes. when i told everything to bayley he panicked and told me he definetly is getting votes and i should use merge idol on him to save him and he was right he would leave at final 7 so once again i had to decide do i want to hold on to my merge idol or do i want to save my close ally and again i made the risk i tried to be selfless and i gave bayley idol once again, it was risky cause after that i had no advantages and i could only rely on my connections with other people but i had a feeling going to f6 with huzzy and bayley would propably let me end up in majority for the rest of the game and i would need no idols or advantages anymore so i gave it a shot, i gave bayley idol, bayley pretended it was his own once again and we took out ruby, when people were telling they want to take out bayley next after that idol play i reported back to him and when people called me out to him he reported back to me so we tried to be in the loop for as long as possible
- at final 6 it was really difficult, i had huge bond with scott after we got along really well throughout the merge, i saved bayley twice in this season so it was obvious i also had great bond with bayley and i always had great bond with huzzy cause we played wills survivor nauru together and we both always respected each other a lot but i knew at that time that bayley and scott were definetly in my opinion two biggest contenders to win this game, scott because he played brilliant social game and had good connections in the jury while bayley was the perfect underdog that ever existed pure example of a hero and in my opinion everyone would vote for someone to win who played 2 idols correctly on himself when he was targetted and wouldnt take a look that it actually were my idols so i knew bayley definetly would get more credit cause he was making these moves for me, he stood out with these idols and he was the one who had target on his back throughout the season not me so in my opinion i think bayley deserved to win this season more than me if we faced each other at jury

i wanted to make best decision for my game and i didnt want to piss off bayley and huzzy at f6 so i wont ruin my end game for no reason and i took out scott with them cause it made lots of sense and even tho it sucked a lot if were playing game to win i had a feeling i had to do it

- at final 5 i planned to take out destiney if she lost immunity cause i thought she also had good connections with the jury and i wanted to split up her and veigar so in worst case scenario two of them wont send me to fire making challenge at final 4, i wanted to take out bayley at final 4 after that cause i knew bayley and veigar would vote each other and me/huzzy would decide on who would leave between two of them while if it was destiney and veigar there it would propably always end up on fire making challenge. once destiney won immunity i decided to take a risk though cause i knew it could have been my only opportunity to take out bayley at that round and then later he could get to final tribal and beat me, i wanted to keep him one round longer but i had to take him out at that time cause destiney was immune and i planned to have f3 with me huzzy and veigar so i also didnt want to vote huzzy and veigar so bayley was my only option at that moment

- at final 4 i wanted anyone but destiney to win immunity thinking that 3 of us should be able to vote out destiney but when i realised it was actually going to come down to final 4 fire making challenge it definetly made me surpised a lot. with fire making challenge twist being in the game if i won f4 immunity i would propably send huzzy and destiney in there cause i thought two of them seemed more deserving win and i would hope that huzzy would beat destiney but when veigar won it and sent me and huzzy to fire making challenge it definetly was a bit sad to me cause i wanted huzzy to sit next to me and experience being at the end together but unfortunately i wasnt able to take huzzy here with me

im really happy about this experience and i loved everyone on this cast, there was no toxic people, everyone understood game moves when they were being made and i think we all are really unique cast so im grateful that i got a chance to play with you all! i hope after reading this you understand my game fully now but if you have any questions jurors i would feel honored to answer to them! <3
10 days 14 hours ago
Let me start this off with saying there was no way i thought i was going to get to finale 3! Being so new to this site i am so used to being picked off super early in games! Thank you to everyone who played this game with me and helped me get this far.

I won't get into every little detail of what happened in this game. Rather, I will let you ask the questions!
Let me say i have played a very heavy social game when it came time to it, pre merge i kept quiet and let the others work around me while i still knew everything that was going on, i waited until it was my time to start making some connections and to make sure i was liked a little by everyone.

i played as honestly as i could this game and kept true to my memo, i only stab people in the back who i hear are going to stab me first, i stayed true to this in this game and i am proud of that.

I can't wait to hear the statements and questions from the jury! Thank you to both hosts for a fun game!
10 days 14 hours ago
Good morning finalists!

Let me first congratulate you all on making it to the end.  It is a huge accomplishment, especially in this particular game.  You guys outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed some real heavy hitters!  Very impressive.

Ok so I have a question for each of you:

Destiney, I think most believed you played a great all around game, especially socially.   Of all the jurors, who played the best social game and how did you come to that decision?

Robbie, Name a Juror that didn't deserve to be in jury, but instead should have been voted out pre-jury.  Please give reasons for your answer and you can't just say "they all deserve to be there"...I don't vote for people who answer with "copouts".  Keep it real.  I respect that.

Veigar,.... Name someone in this cast who doesn't deserve to win this game.  You cannot answer the following names:  Here, Oedipus, Michael, Tayler, Tester, Owen, Lindsay, Hector, Luan, Ruby, Scott, Bailey, Huzzy, Destiney  Robbie, and Samsam.

Thank you guys and good luck!
10 days 13 hours ago
Congrats on F3.

Destiney: Someone told me that the reason the plan to cut Bailey at F7 failed was because you had leaked the entire plan to the old Bayons. Personally, I feel like you would have had a better shot of making it to the end if you had stayed with us rather than flipping to the other side. You did make it to the end, but as Robbie said, you were almost cut at F5. So, can you explain to me how flipping to the other side was better for your game? If it is not true that you had flipped, then can you explain your pre-merge game to me at least?

Robbie: Going into this, I would've asked you to explain your game more since I didn't interact with you as much as I, admittedly, should have. But you did. So, can you clarify more about how Taylor became the boot at F13? Also, if Bailey were sitting beside you, what arguments would you use to prove that you had played better than him?

Veigar: You had done nothing throughout the entire game except vote where Scott told you to vote at the last minute. That is, until you indirectly sent him home. You won immunity at F4 and made it to the end. Why did you choose to take Destiney with you specifically? Are the rumours true about you copying Huzzy's answer in that challenge? If so, do you think that move should cause you to gain or lose points with the jury? Explain your answer. Lastly, apart from all this, give me a good reason for why you should win the game.

Good game guys. Had fun.
10 days 13 hours ago
Logged on to just say congratulations Veigar, Robbie, and Destiney on making final 3. Jurors, thank you for a great season. Season 2 will be in the summer. I know it's a long time away, but that's how it is going to be. So many of you have allstars potential.

Oedipus thank you for everything. After the vote reveal tomorrow, please reveal the awards!
10 days 13 hours ago
10 days 10 hours ago
Robbie, Name a Juror that didn't deserve to be in jury, but instead should have been voted out pre-jury.  Please give reasons for your answer and you can't just say "they all deserve to be there"...I don't vote for people who answer with "copouts".  Keep it real.  I respect that.

of course hector in my opinion seems like the best pick, he was targetted for inactivity at final 13 but then it shifted to tayler cause tayler and bayley insisted on taking each other out, then hector would leave if he had 1 more vote at final 12 and wouldnt be on jury and tester would be on his place but of course ta keo knew it was better for their game to keep inactive player over tester who was active a lot so i think that hector propably deserved to be the most in prejury over jury but this cast came here to play hard from start to finish and not too many people had intentions of getting rid of inact/nonthreatening people in this game.

i considered luan as least deserving person for being med evaced but in my opinion he was a bit more active plus he was never targetted so early just like hector has been and i think he earned his spot in the jury while i think hector didnt
10 days 10 hours ago
Thank u Robbie for the very good answer.  No further questions for you. You played a solid game in all facets
10 days 9 hours ago
Robbie: Going into this, I would've asked you to explain your game more since I didn't interact with you as much as I, admittedly, should have. But you did. So, can you clarify more about how Taylor became the boot at F13? Also, if Bailey were sitting beside you, what arguments would you use to prove that you had played better than him?

taylor mike and huzzy at early stage of premerge were telling other people on what to do and they were great talkers on our tribe, 3 of them came up with idea to vote tester out  and then switched it to here at final 16, just as all 3 of them wanted bayley out at final 14. after i was reporting to bayley about everything he told me he feels the most unsafe with tayler on the tribe, it seemed that he wanted tayler and then huzzy out based on what i remember actually propably because he knew huzzy taylor and mike were making calls on our tribe originally and they voted him out at final 14 so he thought, why would i keep those threats in the game if they propably dont care about me at that time? i knew at that time that i had deal with tester to look out for each other so he was good with me, huzzy played with me wills nauru survivor so i also wanted to look out for him cause i knew i could rely on him, i saved bayley with idol so i knew we would have this trust between us so coming to final 14 vote the only people i really considered to take out were hector and taylor, originally i wanted hector out but bayley really seemed to be right in my opinion cause taylor would gun for bayley no matter what at merge and i couldnt let it happen, i wanted to have 5 bayon strong at merge and i didnt want to have divides in such a small group. after bayley flipped me to get taylor out, him and me flipped huzzy and tester to vote out tayler and it was majority already so we stayed with that plan and we blindsided taylor

if its about final tribal between me and bayley i would definetly try to say that originally if i didnt care about bayley leaving at final 14, he would become premerge boot voted out because of inactivity, not because of being a threat because he self voted at first tribal, he made incredible underdog story throughout the rest of the season but before first idol play people really didnt seem to want to rely on him and his game needed some boost, after he saved himself at final 14 he played fantastic strategic game, keeping as secret everything between him and me right until the end and im extremely grateful for that but i think his life in this game was in my hands way more times than my life was in his and i think i was a bit more in control in this game cause i had strong relationships with scott and huzzy too while scott wanted him out before me and huzzy didnt trust bayley fully until f7 where it was proven huzzy was wrong and ruby/bayley arent duo just like huzzy thought. but i felt really confident that i would lose while sitting next to bayley because he was the one who used idols publicly he was the one who was exposing himself and putting target on his back every round not me while i almost always tried to make moves behind a curtain and in my opinion this is something people would respect a bit less and would award bayley a win because his game was clearly way more times in danger. logically i would say that i was less times in danger than he has been and its actually one of the reasons why i could be more deserving of a win but people are acting very often in jury this way like ,,i wanted you out so many times bayley but you made it to the end so you deserve my vote cause you had tougher road''.

i think i played better game than bayley but bayley played more respectable game than me after being target throughout whole season
10 days 8 hours ago
Scott’s Q: Destiney, I think most believed you played a great all around game, especially socially.   Of all the jurors, who played the best social game and how did you come to that decision?

First off thank you!
Out of all the jurors who played the best social game honestly i think you’ll be surprised but i’m going to say bailey, i feel like they were making all the same smart moves as i would as i quickly realized it was me or them and how much everyone trusted bailey and did not want to vote bailey out even when bailey would go around saying their name, and i must say if you can go around throwing everyone’s name around and they those people still trust you, then you must be playing a crazy social game. Bailey also read the ruby, bailey vote to a tee and used the idol they had.
10 days 8 hours ago
rubys Q: Destiney: Someone told me that the reason the plan to cut Bailey at F7 failed was because you had leaked the entire plan to the old Bayons. Personally, I feel like you would have had a better shot of making it to the end if you had stayed with us rather than flipping to the other side. You did make it to the end, but as Robbie said, you were almost cut at F5. So, can you explain to me how flipping to the other side was better for your game? If it is not true that you had flipped, then can you explain your pre-merge game to me at least?

if the plan you’re talking about was your plan to blindside bailey, no i did not leak that to them and voted bailey with you which actually created the huge problem in my gameplay as huzzy and bailey trusted me at that point and i destroyed that when i voted for bailey, i was sent photos of bailey mentioning taking me and huzzy out, therefor i had no reason to leak it as far as i knew bailey didn’t want to work with me, i think if i had voted you out instead of bailey my game would of been easier as bailey and huzzy would of still trusted me.
my premerge i played with the ppl who i trusted the most which was scott at that point, no one had reached out to me a ton, i kept my eyes open to everything happening  around me and voting with who i think would have the most votes towards them and most importantly to keep my name out of the spotlight for as long as i could.
10 days 8 hours ago
Destiney, thanks for your answer.  Bailey had a surprisingly good under the radar social game.  No more questions for you from me.  Congrats and good luck!
10 days 7 hours ago
Destiney: Who sent you those photos?
10 days 6 hours ago

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