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[HSC9] - Australia Decides 9 Semi-Finals

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109 days 16 hours ago
Welcome to AusDecides9!!!! Janine Allis is excited to have 18 acts — 6 returning and 12 new — vying to be the Aussie representative for HSC9 in Armenia!!!

The voting style for the semis will be the same as always. You will distribute the points 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 0 to your favorite to least favorite act. There will be no televote for the semis. The four or five (depends on how the voting goes…….) acts that receive the most amount of points will qualify to the grand final!!!!

Without further ado, our lineup for the two semis are as follows -

Semi final 1

1. Hooligan Hefs
2. r.em.edy
3. Kota Banks
4. Big Skeez
5. Larissa Lambert
6. Thandi Phoenix
7. cherry chola
8. Sametime
9. Ninajirachi

Semi final 2

1. Dobby
2. Eluera
3. Gold Fang
4. Blusher
5. Badrapper
7. Haiku Hands
8. Holy Holy
9. daine

Janine hopes you enjoy this selection and if you have any questions on how to vote or who to vote for please let me know ❤️

YouTube link (recaps at end) -

Spotify playlist -

Thank you all for the votes in advance, and I will make sure to vote in all of your iconic selections as soon as possible <33333
109 days 16 hours ago

Semi 1 -

Semi 2 -

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