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The Next Big Thing: NY - S2

Based on the Glee Project & American Idol comes a game where you pick your own unique stage name, face claim etc.. and try to win!

{How the game will work}

-set in NY-

{1} You create your own artist during the application process. you cannot play as an already existing artist like Lady Gaga for example.
{2}- Each round, you will post a live performance that fits the theme given.
{3}- The judges will rank everyone and the best wins points towards their overall score which can help you win the game later on! All points that you accumilate during the season will decide who wins in the end so you want to play smart!

Season 1 Cast
10th - Crystal Wagner #Tommy123
9th - Classical #ShaneDawson12345 DQ'D
8th - Rocky Lain #humanwebjet1
7th - The J Man #Moviemusicguy123
6th - Menseng #ilovetosing
5th/4th - Brianna Larae #boozes & Estee Whethers #Jameslu
3rd -  Michelle Stella #Stuartlittle16
2nd - Miss Take #jfaia
Champion - Your Mom #Booyahhayoob
Season 2 Cast
Andrew Carlson #Ryan5676
Blake #Dylangover1
Ebeni Jet #Jameslu
Gregory Allen #Jameslu
J-Bird #Moviemusicguy123
Jenson Stubbs #Stuartlittle16
Mimi #boozes
Mya Yates #Stuartlittle16
Rose Train-Wreck #SeaViper
Serena #Tommy123
Shelly McKinley #Ryan5676

16th - Socio-Path #SeaViper
15th - JJ #Moviemusicguy123
14th - Michael #boozes
13th - McKenzie Rose #Hazbez94
12th - Johnny Roads #Hazbez94

txashaun = Shaun
Anonymous Judge 1 = ???
Anonymous Judge 2 = ???
Anonymous Judge 3 = ???
Anonymous Judge 4 = ???
Season 1 Champion:
Your Mom #Booyahhayoob

Season 2 Champion:

Featured Players 9 playing

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The Next Big Thing: NY - S2

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