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Blind Audition 11 - Mariah Carey

Topic » Blind Audition 11 - Mariah..

11 days 7 hours ago
11 days 2 hours ago
*doesn't press button*
10 days 22 hours ago
*doesn't press button*

ICONIC song choice! I'm just being more picky right now BUT I really hope someone does turn for you because this was such a GOOD PERFORMANCE! You got the pipes!!! I loved those runs and riffs, they were so beautiful!
10 days 7 hours ago
*doesn't press the button*

Rocky: Just not what I'm looking for my team, sorry <3
10 days 5 hours ago
*Presses Button*

Alright Mariah, I’ll give you a chance! I know that you have a decent reputation with the coaches, so I think you have the potential to go far!

I wish you the best of luck in the battles, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me!

And... I have a brand new gift this season.

I’ll be giving each of my team members a pair of unique headphones so they can enjoy their beautiful voices in great quality!

So please enjoy your headphones Mariah!

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