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Blind Audition 2 - Little Mix

Topic » Blind Audition 2 - Little Mix

11 days 7 hours ago
11 days 7 hours ago
*Thinks about pressing the button for a few minutes but chooses not to*

Rocky: Girls! Woow that was so beautiful and pure, however I've seen a few performances of you guys and I think that you're more performers than vocal goddesses. You can prove me wrong tho if a coach turns for you. This was a solid performance to me, but I'm just thinking about it long term <3
11 days 2 hours ago
*doesnt press button*
10 days 23 hours ago
*presses button*

Honestly, I am probs taking a huge risk with you girls but I am HOPING it'll be WORTH IT!
You girls are a breath of fresh air and I am HERE FOR IT! I feel we do need a change in our winners being the typical belters or soul singers. And I think you girls could be part of that change!

Come on over to #TeamAkshar!
10 days 12 hours ago
*Doesn’t Press Button*

Sorry girls. Your harmonies in this performance were great, but I’m not as passionate about you as the other coaches may be and I don’t wanna give you false hope. Gl on Akshar’s team!
10 days 7 hours ago
Congrats Little Mix! You guys are officially in #TeamAkshar!!!

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