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Results #3

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6 days 6 hours ago
Good luck everyone! All your numbers are picked, and so each round I will spin a wheel and the person who's number lands will be safe!
1: rilito
2: Heavenlee
3: Lynn12
4: J4ckWilko
5: Delete2544
6: jfaia
7: Matte
9: mathboy9
10: Delights
Round 1: 7, Matte, you are safe.
Round 2: 10, Delights, you are safe.
Round 3: 8, Jameslu, you are safe.
Round 4: 3, Lynn12, you are safe.
Round 5: 2, Heavenlee, you are safe.
Round 6: 1, rilito, you are safe.
Round 7: 4, J4ckWilko, you are safe.
Round 8: 6, jfaia, you are safe.
The last round! The person whos number is not picked is the third person out!
Round 9: 9, mathboy9, you are safe.
That means Delete2544, you are the third person eliminated from the lucky season, get ready to pack your things and leave…
Host Notes: rip 💔 hope you enjoyed!
6 days 5 hours ago

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