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Round 12: 7 Deadly Sins

Topic » Round 12: 7 Deadly Sins

10 days 2 hours ago
This week you will be picking one of the 7 deadly sins to use as inspiration for your songs this week. I want you to get creative and show us your sin within your song. Make sure to add description to relate the sin you pick to your song. It's first come, FIRST SERVE. So think strategically.

Deadly sins:


Deadline: Tonight 10 PM EST (miss and you're out)
10 days 1 hour ago
Lust - it’s pretty self-explanatory but uses good metaphors, etc. Lust imo is a longing for someone not founded on any real bond. Often it’s harmful because you can overlook red flags (“all wrongs do me right”) but she adds she “doesn’t care - she needs her addiction fed”. I think she does a great job with her description of lust (like how she feels like she lives for them and would “die without the taste of [them]”.
I guess also the overall FEEL of this song gives that sexy vibe for lust - but it’s got darker undertones which acknowledges the “sin” portion of the theme.

ANYWAY I’m not here to recount every line of the song - this is my song for lust!!

9 days 23 hours ago
ENVY - Like any of the 7 deadly sins, each one can lead to nothing but horrible things. This song demonstrates just that. In her lyrics, Marina is constantly feeling envious about different things that she WISHES she could possess, different things she wishes could have happened. Ultimately, everything she is wishing for isn't coming true and so she is now feeling "suicidal" as a result.

Note*** There are small elements of greed and gluttony in this as well but the OVERALL theme is ENVY - just listen to the chorus. Thanks :)

"Yeah, I wish I'd been, I wish I'd been, a teen, teen idle
Wish I'd been a prom queen, fighting for the title
Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible
Feeling super, super, super suicidal"

9 days 20 hours ago
PRIDE - I'm trying to submit something that's less predictable and I don't think this sounds like anything else I've submitted; I'm safe so let's go for it. This song is all about Stela valuing herself to the extreme and believing her love is like no other - she says that being with her is worth the risk of her breaking your heart (as she's confident they'd never break up with her) and that she should be "worshiped" at the altar.

9 days 18 hours ago

Greed definitely shines through on Gwen Stefani’s classic Rich Girl. All Gwen wants is some wealth and if she’s not getting all the money in the world then it won’t be enough
9 days 16 hours ago

Daniel and I live in Nashville so I felt Gluttony was a great way to represent our "country" sides. Kelsea shows gluttony so well in this song by showing the over indulgence in alcohol and how gluttoness we become when it comes to getting drunk. If you can say one thing for sure, country people know how to drink, and they will drink hard.
9 days 16 hours ago

Wrath is an amplified version of anger, to the point that it consumes you, and can sometimes be vengeful in nature. Both the beat and the lyrics of this song show this. For example when the artist says, “The hunger’s burning like a flame” / “you know we’re out for blood” or the repetition of “no mercy” to illustrate the strength of anger.
9 days 11 hours ago

Lauv wrote this song about how his laziness & lack of effort in his own life led him to lose his relationship & his friends, leaving him with nothing but drugs & the Internet to keep him company. The entire song, from the stripped-back instrumental to the quick-witted lyrics is the epitome of the deadly sin I chose. I can just imagine Lauv sitting in his bedroom, smoking a joint & writing this song.

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