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Round 10: The Issues of Our Youth

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15 days 6 hours ago
Inspired by "i drive me mad by Renforshort" that talks about a paranoid young woman who has anxiety issues, I want you for this theme to highlight some personal problems that most humans suffer from. Any genres allowed, just specify which issue your song is talking about.

Deadline: 12 AM EST tonight, miss and you are out
15 days 5 hours ago

This is what Tayler Buono herself said this song is about: "I wrote "Overdose" about someone I loved very much but the relationship was very painful and toxic and I knew I had to get out before I completely lost myself. My heart broke over and over again and it took me a long time to gain the strength to let go."
15 days 3 hours ago

This song was written and performed by NightBirde, a 30 year old dying of lung cancer. Called "Its okay". There's things that have happened in my life and probably your lives of something so painful that we can't control. This song puts in perspective that as painful as life can be sometimes, its all about perspective. This girl is still able to put everything aside for these 4 mins and let everyone know that she is still "okay". Enjoy
14 days 22 hours ago

This song was written about the artists suicide attempt when she was 15 years old. I am not sure this is known by my fellow contestants or the judges but for my profession I am a Crisis Counselor who talks with youth in the ER after suicide attempts. Suicidal ideations are something that are far too common, especially for youth, and due to the stigma around suicide it is rarely discussed.
14 days 21 hours ago

I'm going completely out of the box for a song that has meant more to me than any song so far. Bjork's "Hyperballad" talks about the daily struggle of waking up and remembering who you are and what you stand for, so you can be the person that everyone thinks you are. In the lyrics, Björk describes living at the top of a mountain and going to a cliff at sunrise. She throws objects off while pondering her own suicide. The ritual allows her to exorcise darker thoughts and return to her partner. I think most humans deal with this identity crisis, whether it's through suicide or depression, figuring out yourself, or just being able to live up to expectations that people thrust on you.

I chose this version of the song specifically because of the string quartet. I find that the violins bring out the emotion of the voice and amplifies the message of the lyrics. The violins transforms this song into a theatrical experience.
14 days 20 hours ago
Hayley wrote this song after a friend of hers committed suicide. I love how heartfelt and heartbreaking the song is. It expresses sorrow and confusion on her end, but also some resentment/frustration because their actions inadvertently hurt others -- and although not so apparent, maybe some self-blame too ("I never saw it coming"). Genius is simplicity, and her ability to capture all these emotions in this song makes it really beautiful and powerful to me. I think anyone can relate to this - whether it's about themselves, or someone they care about.

“When it rains, on this side of town it touches everything” - when someone kills themselves, it touches everyone they knew and even those they didn’t know.

14 days 19 hours ago
Brandi wrote this song about her friend in high school who committed suicide when they were both 16. In the song, she expresses how she was confused and angry at her friend for that choice, but she has now been able to forgive her friend for it and think of the good times they had. "Ten years I never spoke your name, Now it feels good to say it, You're my friend again" are some of the lyrics that really touch me here. A lot of people know someone who has committed suicide or has tried and they themselves have had to get through that too. I think Brandi's song is super relatable and beautiful.

14 days 16 hours ago

Issue: Depression
14 days 16 hours ago

From Genius: The song is about Lily Allen’s miscarriage and the emotional trauma that followed from realising that her baby George had died.
14 days 15 hours ago

this song is about turning to alcohol and smoking as "medicine for the mind" to help get over a breakup, but realizing it's impossible for substances to stop feeling the impact a person has had on you
14 days 15 hours ago
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