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All Stars Round 6: Results Show

Topic » All Stars Round 6: Results..

3 days 20 hours ago
This week we wanted Islander music and honestly I enjoyed it..not bad

Top 3 form a troika, bottom 3 is in danger
3 days 20 hours ago
I’m sorry deme you’re going home against Ali you placed 11th out of 12(I’ll post average on discord chat)
3 days 20 hours ago
Sunkissed - cute vibes i like a lot <3 simple but sweet 1/12

35 - I really like the chill vibe/beat, and I think the fact that there are so many different people singing really highlights the strong community sense felt in these communities. Some of the voices really stand out to me as beautiful (e.g. the second guy who sings and one of the girls). This is overall a nice song. Well done. 2/12

Tasi ae afe - i like the girl's voice. kinda cute. i like the rapping too to make it not repetitive 3/12

Coconut Tree - more upbeat and diff sounding than other submissions, so less boring +  more fun 4/12

Kokomo - old school vibes; not bad 5/12

Catching Lightning - it's ok too better than the other one by same group 6/12

Islands to Nashville - not bad but not amazing 7/12

My Hawaii - it's OK. i dont like this theme not ur fault 8/12

Feel the Sunshine - doesn't stand out really. 9/12

Mango Love - Eh it's ok; meh 10/12

Come Over Love - though this fits the theme, it also has an R&Bish vibe which is totally fine... except I'm not a huge fan =/ the song is fine and I don't wanna kill myself listening to it, but imo it's nothing special so idk where it'll go - will depend on others' submissions 11/12

Orange trees - meh it's ok nothing special 12/12
3 days 20 hours ago
Jay ranking

Sunkissed - khai dreams: The vocals are really smooth and easy to listen to. The soft and minimalistic production here is actually pretty nice. I didn’t get much islandic vibes from this song though. And this song is super short too (I didn’t even finish writing my commentary and it already ended). I just wanted something more fitting and a little more of that production. (9/12)

Orange Trees - MARINA: The main hook of this song is the “oOoOoOooOoOoo-range tree”, which sounds a little forced and awkward in my opinion (and a little annoyingly autotuned too). The melodies are not too bad, I am a sucker for this kind of vintage music anyway. However I didn’t get much islandic vibes from this song (I did get some beach-y vibes but that’s about it). (10/12)

Come Over Love - Anuhea: A very interesting take for me. It sounds like something rather old-school and nostalgic, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. The vocals are nothing to compliment on for me (there aren’t many high parts are the frequent fluctuations in melodies killed it for me). It’s something I would be ok with when it plays but nothing worth a replay for me. (11/12)

Islands To Nashville - Common Kings: What hit me right away are the rather generic, over-produced vocals, thus taking away a lot of the authenticity for me (or maybe it’s because of the poor quality of my earphones which I doubt it is). The instrumental stayed rather modern (and country), which isn’t a bad thing but not necessarily a good thing either (because it doesn’t really remind me of islands). A chill and fun song but not really fitting for me. (12/12)
3 days 20 hours ago

1. Petro
2. Ali
3. James
4. Krystal
5. Minie
6. Christian
7. Matt
8. Jan
9. Deme
10. Britt
11. Jaxon
12. Scotty
3 days 20 hours ago
(the first set of commentaries were mine... xanny just likes to overlook women)
3 days 20 hours ago
Kokomo - The Beach Boys: A super vintage song from a super vintage group (the country listing in the lyrics, the psychedelic reverb on the vocals, the cheesy rhyming, the slow rhythm). I have commend the bass singer of this song, his low vocals are just absolutely gold and fit really well in this song (a smart arrangement choice). The overall vibes of the song are just pleasant, chill, optimistic and I love it. (5/12)

Feel The Sunshine - Kolohe Kai + HIRIE: Whatever that bass instrument is that I hear in the back of my earphones is such an interesting thing. The melodies are chill and pleasant. The vocals harmonize together well for me. The instruments used here reminds me of the beach. A good choice for me, I would play this on a trip in the Carribbean or something. (6/12)

Mango Love - Shawn Wasabi (ft. Satica): The mix of colloquial and electronic instruments is quite a rare concept that I haven’t seen much of in modern music (whatever instrument created the main melody vs. the artificial bass, percussion, and autotune on the vocalist’s vocals). The wave effects are really cool too. Really brings me to a beach. Good song. (7/12)

Coconut Tree - Mohombi ft. Nicole Scherzinger: I feel like this would be fun to dance to at a beach party or something, which is an interesting take on this theme (which I think the lyrics fit better than the instrumental itself). The vocals show a lot of contrast, which I love (and produce quite some heavenly harmonizations too). An interesting collaboration but it worked for me, somewhat. (8/12)
3 days 20 hours ago
Tasi Ae Afe - Victor Elisara (ft. Taumate): The combination between a more traditional string lead instrument and a more modern keyboard melody and drum backup is really interesting for me (the DJ scratches helped put something in the middle too). The vocals here work together super well, there’s a lot of contrast that can be made into harmonization perfection which is certainly present in this song. The rapping flow is nice too. A great song in my opinion. (1/12)

My Hawai’i - the green (ft. Sean Na’auao, Kaumakaiwa, Kumu Hina): An incredibly unique on RnB. The lyrics have a message they want to deliver which I really appreciate. The vocals are nice to listen to and aren’t over-produced. The harmonizations and ad-libs in the background fill a lot of empty spots in this song. The overall production is really interesting (how they were able to change a genre that’s usually upbeat and fun to something more underground and meaningful). Great choice. (2/12)

35 - Ka Hao ft. Rob Ruha: All of the vocalists work so well together, I was pleasantly surprised. I certainly didn’t expect a lot of the elements used in this song (such as the saxophone or the background choir). The melodies are really fun to listen to. In my opinion, a great song to play when you’re relaxing on a beach, enjoying the ocean breeze. (3/12)

Catching Lightning - Kolohe Kai: He has such a youthful and juvenile voice, which really fits the upbeat vibes of this song. The brass instruments in the background are something I didn’t expect to work but integrated themselves so well in this song. The harmonizations are alright, nothing I’d go crazy for. The overall instrumental can bring me to the beach any day. Smart choice for me. (4/12)
3 days 20 hours ago
The troika is

1st place - James
2nd place - Christian
3rd place - Minie

Bottom 3 is

9 - Krystal
10 - Scotty
11 LVP - Jaxon

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