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Party Selection #7

Topic » Party Selection #7

1035 days 16 hours ago
Christian_ is up next to choose his Party.

1035 days 16 hours ago
bring andrew back!
1035 days 16 hours ago
iSandeh has chosen s73100 & Singsongers to join his Party.

J2999 & sosyomomma will form a Party of their own.

awwsum11 / ChrisParker13 / DarkTyphoon23
Caleb9211 / Christian_ / sjsoccer88
GiGi10 / jojo7784 / wheatbread
iSandeh / s73100 / Singsongers
J2999 / sosyomomma
1035 days 16 hours ago
so im auto in great
1035 days 16 hours ago
we love me getting 1 bomb and james getting 2 but im in the elim
1035 days 16 hours ago
awwsum11 / ChrisParker13 / DarkTyphoon23 - 42 points
— SAFE —
Caleb9211 / Christian_ / sjsoccer88 - 28 points
GiGi10 / jojo7784 / wheatbread - 22 points
iSandeh / s73100 / Singsongers - 19 points
J2999 / sosyomomma - 5 points
1035 days 16 hours ago
Congratulations to awwsum11, ChrisParker13 & DarkTyphoon23! The three of you are SAFE this round and cannot go into Elimination. You will each be tasked with voting for which Party you'd like to see enter The Triangle tomorrow night. You will have until MIDNIGHT EST (about 4 hours from now) to send in your votes.

Unfortunately for J2999 & sosyomomma, the 2 of you will be entering the The Triangle automatically where one of you will go into Elimination.

As for the rest of you as well as J2999 & sosyomomma, you will have to vote for which Party you'd like to see join the Winners' Choice & the Losing Party in The Triangle. One player from each Party will enter Elimination where ONE person will be eliminated from Three's A Party.

You will have until 5 PM EST TOMORROW NIGHT to cast your votes. Your votes CAN be changed at any time before tomorrow at 5 PM EST. Failure to vote will result in a vote for your own Party. Failure to vote twice will result in disqualification from the season.

Good luck everyone!

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