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34 days 22 hours ago
*Mother Monroe takes the queens for a night in the woods. La Cucaracha doesn’t want to go and stays behind at the campsite. Everyone leaves her behind. The Killer attacks her in the cabin and leaves the cabin holding her heart.

The Killer: I guess you can kill a cockroach!

*The Killer stomps on her heart*

*Meanwhile, The counslers share spooky stories to the queens about the legend of Macda’s Drag Race. It scares the queens and they go to bed. Justine wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. The killer drags her by her wig to the lake and holds her head in the water….*

Mother Monroe:..soo no one is playing in the lake!

*Everyone sees Justine’s floating body in horror*

For this challenge, we will be asking you all to split into pairs, and work together to create a commercial for the summer camp. You will be advertising to attract drag queens to the summer camp. This is a comedy challenge so keep that in mind. The judges and I wanna see comedy and communication with both of you. As the winner of last week, Caia has chosen the queen she wants to work with. The rest of you were paired together based on track records. The best and worst work together. 2nd best and 2nd worst work together. Leaving the two in the middle to work together. Try to go out of the box with ways to make your sketch. Wait..I only have 7 queens.

*Suddenly a Bush nearby rustles*


*Miso Yung appears, alive*

Miso: I look pretty good for a dead bitch!

Mother: She’s Alive!

The Pairs are:

Caia & Stan!
Clover & Miso
Amanduhh & Cherry
Graceyoncé & Tamar

The judging is done in PAIRS. Meaning the best pair will have a double win. The next pair is both HIGH. The worst pair is BOTTOM TWO, and the final pair being SAFE.

On the runway, category is “Creature Feature”. I want you to look non-human but still drag. Whether it’s beastly, monstrous, mythical or something on this earth. I want to see a beautiful and drag version of a creature. Maybe a Gothic looking crow with heels? Vampires, Mermaids or human variants count but I wanna see how far you can push the boundaries.

The Lipsync song for the bottom two queens is “Vibeology” by Paula Abdul. You only need to Lipsync to 90 seconds. Goodluck and don’t fuck it up!

You have 48 hours to complete this but you can ask for an extension if needed.
34 days 3 hours ago
So, I'm like a real nerd for Greek Mythology, so I decided to get into that with this runway. I'm going for Queen of the Dryad's, The Dryad is known for being a creature that lives amongst the tree's as a nymph or spirit, they are known to be extremely shy. So I wanted to capture the Dryad's beauty hopefully it pays off <3
33 days 3 hours ago
{24 hr extension}
33 days 2 hours ago
Naga, (Sanskrit: “serpent”) in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, a member of a class of mythical semidivine beings, half human and half cobra. ... They are a strong, handsome species who can assume either wholly human or wholly serpentine form and are potentially dangerous but often beneficial to humans.

My family are actually practicing Hindus so it was super fun to make a look based on this mythical being!
32 days 7 hours ago

VO: my runway today is based on what if Bell was the beast in Beauty and the Beast I have tryed my best to take on the judges comments and I hope they think I have done a good job
32 days 2 hours ago
Miso Yung Creature Feature Runway:

For this runway I wanted to do something completely out of my comfort zone and something never done before. Im giving voodoo doll revived realness.

But When the lights go down……..

The look turns into a complete dark murder doll ready to take her previous owners life. You can see the blood and my creepy face ready to get you the moment you lay eyes on me. 

Now you know I’m back with a vengeance and ready for what happens.
31 days 19 hours ago
{Second 24 hr extension used}
31 days 12 hours ago
Cheery Pop:

I am serving high fashion white alien. It’s so stunning and stellar and futuristic.
31 days 9 hours ago
UPDATE: Caia has injured herself irl and cannot compete anymore. The Lipsync is cancelled but the show will go on.
31 days 1 hour ago
Graceyonce Thee Unicorn:

For my creature looks, I had to do none other than who and what I am which is a magical unicorn. I am going to be the cutest and most gorgeous creature in all of Equestria and Drag Race history.
30 days 23 hours ago
Tamar Indo Runway:

With this creature look im giving you an out of this world purple horned creature that will seduce you and steal your soul.

Tamar Indo and Graceyonce Maxi Challenge:
30 days 22 hours ago

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