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Daily #5 — The Gauntlet

Topic » Daily #5 — The Gauntlet

7 days 13 hours ago
Welcome to today's daily challenge, today y'all are playing in "Team Marathon" and here's how it works:

This challenge is very simple.
Each team will have their own chat on discord under the "Daily 5" channel, in this chat you will be using the following phrase:
**Runs past meter _**
(Replace _ with meter; You will be going in increments of 10 so start with 10, then 20, etc.)

For every new post in the chat, the meter increment must increase so if you start with 10, the post after that one would have to post **Runs past meter 20**

There is no specific order that needs to be kept throughout the challenge, meaning multiple people could be online at once posting or you could post back to back.

**There will be a thirty-minute slowdown counter in each chat, so ideally if you want to maximize your progress; having more team members on at the same time would help.**
*Editing is allowed, if you delete your message the slowdown counter won't let you post another message until time is up so be wary of that*

This challenge will end tomorrow (11/20) at 8 PM EST. The team that has the most progress (meters) will win this daily! GL.

**Yellow Ship: You guys have 2 extra members so 2 of you will be sitting out. The 2 people that don't post in the chat will be sitting out and will not be allowed to help out for the rest of the challenge, this cannot be switched**
7 days 13 hours ago
This challenge starts now!
7 days 12 hours ago
*In the event of a tie, It’ll come down to whoever got the last post first*
6 days 13 hours ago
Blue Team: 2120 Meters
Red Team: 1970 Meters
Yellow Team: 930 Meters

*blows horn*

Blue wins!

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