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𝟎𝟐. The #VogueChallenge [CHALLENGE, Pt. II]

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11 days 21 hours ago
Ebony Alexis Tamriah Anne Davenport Indica Carrington
Nicole Grr
Turquoise Heidi
Marienne Dupoint De Pageant Hause Boot

First of all, congratulations to everyone on making it through week 1! You might be wondering where the rest of your castmates are, and to that I’d say I’m getting there hold on okay?

We’ve split you up roughly along the lines of the alliances we’ve seen outlined by your cast ranking submitted last week because we want to get to know each and every one of you more personally. (And we want you to send your friends home!) Last week, you showed us where you came from, but this week, you’ll be showing respect (or disrespect) to those who came before you.

In this challenge, you’ll be taking inspiration from the “____ Explains ____ Looks From the Past to Now” series from Vogue, where style icons revisit a number of their notable looks from their career and explain the stories behind how each look came to be. For example:

However, for this challenge, you’ll be revisiting iconic (or not so iconic) runways, challenge outfits, and lipsync looks from TGDR history (which don’t necessarily have to be your own) and telling us their story. You can present your explanations in any way you choose (text, graphics, video, audio), pick your poison! Just make us laugh and make sure to include the looks you’re referencing.

If you need help finding looks, all past seasons are linked in the description of this group. The two unaired season nines are also fair game for referencing looks. Unfortunately, many looks from earlier seasons are lost the annals of history, but if you are able to recover broken links you are welcome to use those looks as long as someone else can verify they were veritable TGDR looks.

On the runway this week, category is THE HIGHER THE HAIR, THE CLOSER TO GOD!

In addition, the bottom two queens this week will be lip syncing to ‘Ain’t Nothin Goin On But The Rent’ by Gwen Guthrie.

This challenge is due on Thursday, May 6th at 11:59 PM EST. If you need an extension, you can reach me via mails here, aliengelic#0121 on discord or naomihitme on Skype if like, you’re being held at gunpoint and for some reason Skype was the only thing installed on your phone and you need my help for some reason.


Racers, start your engines… And may the best drag queen win!
10 days 16 hours ago
8 days 16 hours ago

The challenge is now due Friday, May 7th at 11:59 PM EST. But if you get it in earlier there's a better chance of a Friday runway ;3

8 days 14 hours ago
For my runway this week... Category is Mirror B and Dolly Parton merge at Studio 54!

Looks like we may need to zoom out to get the full scope of the hair

Sadly, the wig is starting to block out the sun but I have a spotlight on me. Let's take it real far back then

Perfect! Now all of America can appreciate my wig eclipsing the sun!

And for my challenge, I decided to go with a video presentation. Please enjoy!

7 days 10 hours ago
Sighs. Not yet.
6 days 22 hours ago
this runway is causing me to have a nervous breakdown hehehehehehe
6 days 13 hours ago
let me just post this for now... JACQUELINE & THE BEANSTALK

6 days 13 hours ago
Ebony Explains 6 looks


I'm a pageant queen, of course I stacked wigs and put a loaf on my head. Get into it.
6 days 13 hours ago
nicole grr, week ii
fly like a butterfly, wings wings
life in looks, challenge
6 days 13 hours ago
.jezebel. - .02.

TGDR In Looks:

Here is the transparent one AND a png just for continuity:

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