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Final Tribal Council - Bocas Del Toro

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1155 days 13 hours ago
Congratulations to Matt & Rubes for making it to the final 2! Surely no easy task.

But now the power shifts to the hands of the jury, a group of people you both had a hand in voting out of this game.

Stoner, Joey, Owen, Deshon, Logan, Raul, Noelle, Kevin, and David.

Each finalist will get to make an opening statement. After both have been posted, I will open this up to the jury for questioning.

Votes are due tomorrow @5PM EST! The winner reveal/reunion will be at 6PM EST tomorrow, where we will also be giving out some season awards!

Good luck to the finalists!
1155 days 12 hours ago
Hi jury! I must say I am very very excited and ecstatic that I’m sat here right now. From coming into the game almost getting voted out Day 1 and being saved by a self vote to regaining relationships to keep myself from being voted again to then forming an alliance with Chris and Deshon which ran our pre merge tribe. To then be blindsided by Chris and voted out 3-2 to then be told that I wasn’t voted out and got to stay.

All of those moments lit a fire under my ass to get me to this seat. I didn’t want to flop and I didn’t want to be an early boot so when it almost happened twice I knew I had to find some sort of way to prevent myself from getting majority votes again. At that point it was merge and that’s when I really started to up my social game and become more engrossed in the game. I built relationships with David, Kevin, Logan and Owen because I knew that on their old tribe there was a divide with them on one side and then the others which were only Matt and Raul that happened to survive. And so I was speaking with David and he proposed that we start an alliance, he chose Owen to be in it and I chose Deshon to be apart of it. This alliance was hotttt for a while, we co-ordinated well together and did what needed to be done.

After my name had come up as a potential vote I reached out to Matt and Raul who I thought would wanna target me from previous experiences, however, they both told me they wanted me to stay and so I thought I should probably build up some trust there as well. I think this was around about the Joey vote off, where it came to a point in which both sides wanted me to do something completely different. I’d become close with pretty much everyone in the game, however, I had no clue what I was gonna do to try and avoid as much blood as possible. This is when I spoke with Deshon my closest ally at the time and we agreed to go for Joey as a safe vote. Joey and I spoke a bit but then we were kind of inevitably on opposite sides so I had no problem voting for him. This did ruffle Raul a bit but he’s messy anyways so it was fine! I knew that it would be ok me voting that way because I was able to keep peace in both sides and I knew that both sides still needed me!

But then came the next tribal where I had to make a choice...I was panicking but I was very aware of the strong 4 in David/Kevin/Logan/Owen and if one of them didn’t leave at that point then it would’ve been near impossible to even get close to the end. This was a big move on my part because flipping to the other side set me up perfectly to work with Matt/Raul but still stay close with Kevin who had been lied to already by his close allies. Then came the tribal when Deshon left and it was a big hit because it just left Matt, Raul and I and I in particular had no base to fall back on anymore so every one of my decisions from here on out was thought out by me and undergone solely by me. After Kevin got lied to again and voted for me at that tribal it allowed me to really bond with Kevin and make some kind of deal with him which worked out perfectly in the end because it enabled me to keep votes off of myself at the tribal with the 2 idols played because I knew Kevin wouldn’t vote me at that point.

I knew I had to go to the end with Matt/Raul if I wanted any chance at winning the game but I also didn’t want to be taken out via rocks and so I had to stay aligned with Kevin which is definitely a reason why I didn’t get voted. Once Raul got voted out Matt and I were in deep trouble, I thought for sure we were going next but no. I agree to go to FTC with Kevin and I tell him that it’s a F2 and not a F3 which was Matt’s advantage at the auction. That’s when I feel Kevin realised that David and Noelle would take each other over him and so I said to Kevin that we should go to F2 together which I would’ve done had Matt been voted out then. This caused David and Noelle to want Kevin gone because he was the biggest jury threat left in the game. Matt was thinking that we should vote Kevin out for 5th but I couldn’t do that to Kevin and the fact that if David/Noelle both stayed then it would be a 2-2 fire making for one of us and so that’s why it was better to keep Kevin for f4 and vote Noelle. This turned out to be the right move on my end because even when Matt won immunity at f4 I was vulnerable yet still got no votes because David and Kevin has just gunned for each other the vote prior. This ended up leading to a fire making challenge which lasted 40 fucking minutes.

All in all I won 0 individual immunities except the one given to me which I feel just shows that I didn’t even need immunity. I also gained 0 advantages at the auction or an idol so I feel like to be sat here because of my social and strategic gameplay is validating. Do I wish I could be better at comps? Absolutely and I wish I found an idol too but sometimes it never works out. But what I am able to do is talk. I can talk and never get tired of it and so being able to keep myself safe after getting vote after vote pre merge to only receive 2 votes (I think) post merge is a great achievement for me. I hope the jury can look past my statistics and see the good aspects of my game because I’m proud of it!

Good luck Matt! I still can’t believe that the two premerge boots made it to the F2!!!

It’s almost 3am so I might be able to ask a few questions that you guys have but I might end up falling asleep so will answer the rest as soon as I wake up lool!
1155 days 12 hours ago
Hey guys!!!! I cannot believe I’m sitting here tonight and I’m so happy to be sitting next to Rubes!! The start of my game was a bit of an easy ride for me as my tribe managed to win the first few challenges making it fairly easy for me to build bonds and get myself into a strong majority both pre and post swap. It was not until I found myself in a 4-4 with Eli Raul and Colin v David Owen Kevin and Logan. This is where the beginning of my bad luck began. We unfortunately lost the rock draw and that was when we Colin go home. Eli easily went next and I thought my game was done for. The other 4 had such strong bonds that they hadn’t even really reached out as they didn’t need to get our votes. At that point I told Raul to lock me in and I self voted as well, but the hosts had other ideas as they saved me and Rubes and gave us a second life in this game.

At the merge I instantly reached out to Rubes because despite our previous negative relationship with each other I knew we were in a similar spot and that realistically the only person I could beat in a finals was her. Myself
And Raul brought Rubes in and from there we were able grab deshon as the others were targeting him for the merge vote and we managed to get a HUGE target in Chris out of this game.

From there on out it became an extremely divided back and forth game. The next vote we for sure thought we had secured the votes but I believe Rubes flipped back briefly and Joey went home. The next vote was as fun as it was stressful. It was at this point that we had to reach out to some others who the bigger alliance was starting to leave on the outs in Kevin and Noelle and get them to lock in David as we feared an idol and we took out his ally Owen.

After this we unfortunately lost Deshon after a wave of advantages was used. We pulled out all the stops and thought we might have a chance but sadly after a vote steal and an extra vote used deshon left.

After finding the merge idol on the first day of merge I made sure to keep in a very close secret to me only telling Raul and not really letting Rubes and Deshon know. We were able to act is if we had nothing and knew we were
Done for and in the end I figured out the target in Raul and idoled him. We assumed David had an idol so we as 3 managed to split our votes ensuring that one of them would go home.

After losing Raul at f6 myself and Rubes knew we had an uphill climb and despite us losing immunity and assuming our time was done, I was approached from all 3’other players left in the game to make a move against each other. I did succeed to Rubes on this one as I felt she made sense and it was more or less a 50/50 toss up as we knew we still needed to win out to get to where we were.

I made sure to paint myself as a bit weaker in challenges throughout the season so I would never be viewed as the immediate threat. I was able to fly under the radar a bit and when I needed to I was able to win out and earn my spot at the final 2

I have sat in too many FTC to name over the years on here and the one thing that has always eluded me is a win. I hope you guys will hear me out and allow me to answer questions and explain my game. I want to win this game. And I hope you guys reward me with the win. GOOD LUCK RUBES. Couldn’t of done it without you !!!!
1155 days 11 hours ago
Hello final 2, obviously your both very lucky to get there considering you both were supposed to go. And for me it hurts seeing you there Matt as someone who self voted since I'm not a fan of those.
Anyways my my first question for both of you is if neither of you made the final two, who would be sitting where you are and why and no cop outs.
And for my second question, I want you to list something you learned about each juror, the jucier the better.
1155 days 11 hours ago
I have one question for each of you.

Rubes, why lie at final 5?

Matt, why should I vote for someone who gave up to the point of self voting?
1155 days 10 hours ago
Congrats to you both! You took advantage of the twist and the storyline was set, you two are the last 2 standing despite being the 2 voted out before any of us.

While I’m not the greatest fan of the twist, you made it work and I have to give credit where it’s due.

Rubes, man you did avoid the target twice. I give you credit for the first go around, some self votes helped you but all in all the thing that saved you was your relationship with Deshon. That caused a tie and we took out the inactive. I gotta give you props for that social connection, without that you are probably out at our first tribal. After you survived a second time from the twist, you switched up your game and had to find new allies once again. I have to admire that as much as I dislike the twist.

Matt, man you’ve done it again. Second time I’ve seen you make finals and I’m glad you did! I unfortunately don’t know a lot about your game as I was never on a tribe with you until the merge. I was MIA that first merge round so didn’t get a chance to talk with you. Last jury vote I screwed you out of the prize, I don’t want to do that this time so I will give you a fair shot at my vote tonight. I’ll be watching closely to FTC, though you will need to be on your A game. I’m not gonna lie, a majority of this jury is not fond of the twist. Luckily for both of you, you’re at the end together so we have to vote someone who took advantage of the twist. While I’m sure you took advantage of the twist just like Rubes, clearly. You were dead in the water and managed to get those people to then work with you or get them out. However, the one thing that pushes me away from voting you is you self voting at that round. If it was a mistake and you forgot, that’s one thing. That was my initial though so I couldn’t hold it against you too much. But in your speech you admit that you self voted on purpose, and even asked Raul to do it. I guess to have him save face with the rest of the tribe. While admirable, it shows a lack of care for the game. From what I gathered, you saw you were not going to stay so you gave up. I’d like you tonight to show me that you did fight that round to stay, but it didn’t pan out. It will be a tough hurdle for you to overcome self voting out, and then returning but you still have a shot.

I wish you both best of luck, and I hope second place gets a prize too!
1155 days 2 hours ago
Thank you for your questions Logan, I will answer them now!

Anyways my my first question for both of you is if neither of you made the final two, who would be sitting where you are and why and no cop outs.

I regards to this answer it’s kind of tricky because I feel like there’s certain scenarios. Take for example, if the twist did not exist and Matt and I had been voted out at that tribal. Then I could see a Chris/Noelle or Chris/Joey f2 taking place. I think Chris was really in the perfect position had I not been saved. And I think that Chris/Noelle/Joey would’ve taken over Deshon and I’s position of being in the middle. But had the twist stayed the same and Matt and I stayed but not make f2 then I would say it could either be David/Owen or David/Logan. I feel like you guys were the closest and had things not gone a certain way I think you guys would have f2/3 on lock. I don’t think Kevin would be there solely because he was lied to so much and then the other side wouldn’t have the numbers to get there.

And for my second question, I want you to list something you learned about each juror, the jucier the better.

Chris - One thing I learnt about Chris is that he can multitask for days. I don’t even know how many games Chris was in including Stars yet he was still able to be active and keep up with the game!

Joey - I cant lie I didn’t speak to Joey much one to one but one thing that I did learn is that we have a mutual hatred for speed comps and puzzles lmao!

Owen - I learnt that Owen is a very chilled and relaxed guy. Whenever I spoke with him he was always at the back seat just chilling lmao!

Deshon - In this game I learnt that Deshon is “LOYAL BBY” in his own words lool and he also loves to be messy which I do too!

Logan - Tbh I learnt the same thing that I learnt in the previous game that we played together. You are very loyal and stick to the people who show you trust but if given the opportunity to flip you would do so!

Raul - What I learnt about Raul is that when things don’t go his way he likes to give up and stop trying for a few seconds and then after his tantrum is over he’s fine again and ready to play lmfao! He’s also the biggest liar according to Touchy Subjects 👀

Noelle - One thing I learnt about Noelle is that her and I are very similar in the fact that we worry too much and always think the worst is gonna happen. One thing I learnt from Noelle is that I need to be way more forgiving!

Kevin - Well one thing I learnt about Kevin is that...wait for it, it’s shocking. He hates being lied to lmao! I also learnt that Kevin can be clumsy sometimes because the amount of times he voted in the main chat instead of his prod chat...lool!

David - There’s a lot tbh. I could talk about how David is a good leader! But I think the most fun and interesting convo we had was when we’d gone against each other for a few tribals and decided to talk. It was a nice talk because we were able to get along despite being on opposite sides! Apparently US Netflix doesn’t have Friends like what?! And I also learnt that David hates the Netflix original show lmao!

Matt - The best thing that I learnt about Matt is that he’s not as cold as I thought he was loool! He’s also a lot less scary when you talk to him more and actually choose to work with him :)
1155 days 1 hour ago
Rubes, why lie at final 5?

Honestly, as soon as this vote came I hated my life. Because I’d been speaking to you and Kevin and you both wanted to go to the end with me as you guys both said. I guess I just got over confident that someone other than David would win immunity because in my head my plan was for David to go in 5th to show you guys some trust but then he won immunity so it just went completely wrong. I also was down for going to the end with you that’s not the reason I voted for you is because I didn’t want to. The only reason I voted for you was because if I wanted to get to the end I had to think logically. You and David both wanted to vote for Kevin while Kevin wanted to vote for you. So I knew that the safest option was to vote for you because if the f4 came to you/me/David/Matt then Matt would win f4 immunity and then David and I would go to a fire making challenge I very much believe and so I just couldn’t possibly take that risk when I knew that at f4 had anyone won immunity I would be safe! Because David/Kevin went after one another at f5 and so would do so again at f4! My vote was solely based on security not on a personal level because personally I would’ve wanted you to go all the way to f3 with me, so yes I do agree I that I lied but I was in fear that some vote change or something could happen had I of said what I wanted to do. And that’s again where my paranoia kicks in because I overthink everything and so when I’d been voted by pretty much everyone left it was hard not to worry about a switch vote onto me.

Noelle thank you for your question!
1155 days 1 hour ago
Hey guys! First of all, I want to congratulate both of you on accomplishing what none of us could!

You two were both saved by a twist right before merge, in which instead of being eliminated you were both granted Immunity at the first merged tribal. My question is this, knowing that you two were both given second lives in this game, what do you think was the turning point for you in this game? Or at the very least what was the move that you believe made you go from being on the bottom to being a contender in this game?
1155 days ago
Rubes, man you did avoid the target twice. I give you credit for the first go around, some self votes helped you but all in all the thing that saved you was your relationship with Deshon. That caused a tie and we took out the inactive. I gotta give you props for that social connection, without that you are probably out at our first tribal. After you survived a second time from the twist, you switched up your game and had to find new allies once again. I have to admire that as much as I dislike the twist.

Thank you Chris! I actually really like the point you made towards the end here where you say “After you survived a second time from the twist, you switched up your game and had to find new allies once again” because I think you got that exactly right! After the second twist about half of the merged cast had already voted me at least once prior. And so I was absolutely in an awful position. The only person I’d really spoken to who hadn’t gone against me was Deshon! And so only having one close ally at merge was very very dangerous for me and so yes I had to rebuild/make new connections with people I hadn’t even spoken to who’d already spent time with others in the game. So the fact that I was able to survive so long with only 1 ally coming into merge to then get myself in the middle with everyone needing my vote? I’m proud of that and I am glad that you recognised that! It was great playing with you Chris and as I said without that twist you could easily be sat here tonight. Thank you!
1154 days 23 hours ago
Logan thank you for the questions. Firstly I think without a doubt the two people who would be sitting here if we were not would be David and Kevin. I had huge respect for their games and ultimately that is why I had to do what I could to ensure neither of them was sitting here.

What have I learned about each juror

Chris - I’ll be honest we didn’t really cross paths in this game as we just never ended up on the same tribe until the merge and ultimately his boot. What I do know about him is his ability to play the fuck out of every game he is in.

Joey - I genuinely do not think Joey made much of an effort to get to know anyone in the game so I don’t really have anything I can say.

Owen - Owen is an immensely LOYAL person and whilst not knowing much about his personal life I do know that when he says something he will do it. He’s someone that I would love to have in my corner in games moving forward.

Deshon - I think me and Deshon have always had a up and down relationship but this game has made me realize how truly amazing and hilarious Deshon is. He might be a bit messy with gameplay but that just draws me to him even more hahaha.

Logan - as someone who had to go toe to toe with Logan in the pre merge I have nothing but respect for how he handles himself and how he plays this game. He never seems to let things get to him and is able to think quickly on his feet.

Raul - OMG I never thought I’d be posting how much I ADORE Raul now hahaha. We both fell victim to the rock draw early on and saw our games almost come to an end. You’re someone who takes things just seriously enough but always manages to have a bit of fun and a care free attitude. I really do wish you had made it further and you truly deserved it.   

Noelle - from playing two games at the exact same time with Noelle what I have learned about her is how fearless she is. If there is something on her mind she will let you know what that is. She is very outspoken but at the same time still manages to be very calculating in her moves.

Kevin - UGH this one hurt honestly. You were one of the first people to reach out to me at the start and it’s genuinely unfortunate we could never fully gain footing and be completely on the same side. Despite being on opposite sides for the most part Kevin was above and beyond the friendliest person in this game. He was always down to talk, whether it was game or personal.

David - a top notch game player. I do think that like myself you may be a bit of a gamebot. I think you got a bit too comfortable in this game for your own good as we have already previously discussed.

Rubes - I learned that she isn’t a BACKSTABBER hahahahaha no but all jokes aside she was not someone I was looking forward to seeing when I saw the cast but I’m so glad that we actually took the time to get to know each other and build the bonds we did
1154 days 23 hours ago
Noelle and Chris - I feel as if you’re both asking a similar question so I will do my best to answer. The self vote was obviously a low time and I will admit I did give up in myself a bit. I saw myself dead in the water and unfortunately the only thing I could see doing was telling Raul to vote me in order to save face. It’s no excuse but my personal life has been a bit of a whirlwind as I’m moving cross country as we speak (driving in a Uhaul as I write this) I chose to focus on that and ultimately I have no excuse for not trying my hardest. Once I did realize I had a second life and shot in this game I promised myself I would work my hardest and do everything I could to ensure that I was sitting here and more so to that I wanted to ensure I was sitting next to Rubes as it was very obvious nobody on the jury would enjoy this twist. Reaching out to her and building the bonds I did with her was my turning point and what ultimately gave a breath of life into my game.
So to answer your question Chris in it’s entirely, I’ve played this entire game being as honest as possible and made it a point to prove loyalty and build strong bonds that would get me here. I then had to rely on my challenge abilities to win out and earn my spot in the f2. But did I fight hard and do everything that day, no I did not and I regret it. I truly do get if people can not see past that but in my eyes my best “game move” at that point was to try and help my closest ally left Raul further his game Anyway he could.
1154 days 23 hours ago
David - I think obviously the turning point was getting a second life in this game which led me to finding the merge idol 5 minutes after that. Neither of us would be here if it wasn’t for the twist so I do think that’s the turning point for both of us.

I think when I realized I may actually have a shot at this was when I managed to use my idol to save Raul and split votes from the minority in order to send Logan home and weaken the other stronger alliance.
1154 days 22 hours ago
My question is this, knowing that you two were both given second lives in this game, what do you think was the turning point for you in this game? Or at the very least what was the move that you believe made you go from being on the bottom to being a contender in this game?

After getting a second life the turning point for me was my social gameplay. I was able to build relationships with people on the merge tribe by simply being honest stating that I had no allies and nothing going for me. For sure my biggest move was manoeuvring myself into the middle and then having the power to sway which way the vote went for example, Joey leaving as opposed to David. I was able to flip to both sides when I needed to and I think I made the right move every round post merge to get me to this spot.

Thanks for the question David!
1154 days 21 hours ago
Good luck.
1154 days 21 hours ago
Congrats to both of you! Matt, I must admit, I don’t believe we ever really talked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn my vote.

My question to both of you is, if we had merged before you were both voted off, without the twist, what would have changed in your strategies and how would you have tried to play the rest of the game out?

Good luck to you both!!

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