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Episode 11: Xmas Finale

Topic » Episode 11: Xmas Finale

43 days 15 hours ago
You have made it as far as you can in a Tayvie Drag Race game. For the finale, you will have to do a few things.

1) FINAL RUNWAY; make a show-stopping finale look.

2) FINAL SPEECH; write a final speech to convince me why I should crown you and how you will further the brand.

3) FINAL LIPSYNC; send a final lipsync to this song

4) COLLAGE; please put all your old looks into a cute collage. (Your finale look doesn't have to be in this Entrance to last episode is fine.)

5) POLL;

6) BEST LOOK; Please pick your FAVORITE look that you've made this season, I will judge your best looks against each other.

Past Performance is the final category

you have 72 hours...
42 days 5 hours ago
I quit

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